Hip waders needed?

floodbootsActually by the time I took this pic, the flood waters had receded quite a bit. Yesterday morning, I put my purple crocs on and stepped out the door with the intention of taking out the compost. I took a few steps and realized there were *inches* of water surrounding the compost heap. My feet had already gotten wet on my 0-skunk-30 neighborhood prowl and I wasn’t about to walk out there. This stuff can wait. I will have more compost later. And I did, several loads of it…

Rainy, slodgy day yesterday after Saturday night’s rainy but not slodgy wedding. Everyone was a bit slow yesterday morning. I think I scrambled breakfast together at about 9:30. That was after a walk over to The Plum to get more eggs, English muffins, and some frozen hash browns (you know the kind). I was up early (but not quiiiite as early as usual). I let the GG sleep. There was no way I was gonna wake up Liz (who spent the night but got in much later than we did because she and Mouse went downtown after the wedding) although she was up and chipper at a respectable time of morning!

I did not have much of a “plan” this weekend beyond Friday night at the Oscar Tango, walking to the farmer’s market early Saturday morning, chores, meeting Rey for lunch and getting to Goose’s wedding on time. We did all of that and it was wonderful. And then, we were tired from the wedding and I didn’t feel “moored” for a while yesterday. I think everyone (except maybe me) needed a “down” day. I still struggled. Eventually, Liz and I walked over to the Plum and, after our return, I started to do some cooking chores — for last evening and for the coming week. The zen of chopping veggies, etc., slowly helped me to surface.

We made enchiladas last night. Fish was the other option but Liz doesn’t like fish or seafood very well. It’s okay. She takes after her grandfather, aka My Old Coot. I understand.

So, several loads of compost out to the heap happened. The GG took one of them out. I donned his boots to take another one out. This morning? No standing water anywhere and I wore my crocs to take the compost out.

One Response to “Hip waders needed?”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I love enchiladas myself! You’re getting our rain, it looks like. We had some today, but my lawn still looks like August. Ugh.