Impulse purchases (read this at your own risk – gender/sex issues discussed, albeit clumsily)

skullflowerI wanted to use a different title tonight but that particular title would fall well within that good old I-can’t-blahg-about-that category. You know the one. All y’all blahggers have one 🐗.

I don’t like to comment on “current events” much because I am kinda more of a let’s get the facts straight before we start caterwauling all over the place about whatever kinda gal, therefore I am not all that eloquent about expressing my opinions on polly-ticks or pop culture or whatever. Mostly I hate all of it. But. I am sick to death that so much of my news reports are about Bruce/Caitlyn Jenner. Who the heck cares? Gender and skin color and religion and every other kind of thing you can [try to] measure human beings by — every single one of those things — is on a continuum.

I was born female. As a child, I fantasized about being Dan’l Boone or Kit Carson or other long dead frontier folks, at least when I wasn’t fantasizing about being their romantic interest. That might’ve been interesting in Mr. Boone’s case, given that some crazy [?] old relative of The Commander’s (and therefore mine) insisted that we were related to him. Not at *all* sure that’s true but incest is not always best. I was a pretty good tomboy as a child but I did lots of Girly Stuff too and then, when the hormones hit, my focus was boys. Alas… Boys I liked that didn’t know I existed. Boys that were interested in me but I didn’t reciprocate. (Boys that my parents didn’t “approve of”.) You know the kind(s).

Once, loooonnng ago, I worked with a “girl” that I was actually kind of attracted to, in a small kind of way. I was surprised by the wee bits of feelings creeping into my brain but I was not interested in any more than a friendly relationship and neither one of us were anything more than friends *ever*.

I married the GG. He is a male. We are happy. When we are not shouting at each other or whatever 🐗. Even then, we are happy because that’s what old married people do.

Just saying that all of this stuff is difficult and there are no hard boundaries between male and female (or black and white or whatever) and I wish we could all just accept that we are people and we are all the same except for our differences, which make us interesting.

Doesn’t this pic look a bit like a skull with plants growing out of the eyes?

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One Response to “Impulse purchases (read this at your own risk – gender/sex issues discussed, albeit clumsily)”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Yes it does look like a skull. The flower looks like something I have, although mine is more purple. I’m sick of hearing about Jenner too, but think it’s very important for transgender kids to have a high profile spokesperson. They’ve been hiding in the “closet” a long time and unable to be who they are. So, for every part of me that cringes about another interview or photo of Caitlyn, I celebrate that she is giving this cause a human face. I have several students going through this, but the opposite direction.