…and counting!

umbrellasWheeeeee! Let’s see how many bumbershoots we have here in The Landfill!

I count nine! I am missing a few. There’s the GG’s REI bumbershoot and there’s one over in my Loverly Dog-Poopy Cube. And there are probably a few more.

And there’s one I’ve been looking for but can’t find and that brought up this whole umbrella search and fling (we’ll get there). The umbrella I can’t find is one that The Commander bought years ago from some art museum, MOMA maybe? It is very artistic but it has a certain pattern that is somewhat reminiscent of a certain insect that I am not crazy about. Don’t ask. I didn’t want it but I didn’t want to get rid of it. I thought somebody might want it. Way back last fall, Lizard Breath was over here and we were gonna walk to the Plum Market. It was raining and I dredged that umbrella out for her. I asked her if she wanted it. Yes. But then she forgot to take it with her. Last weekend, we were once again heading over to the Plum in a rainstorm. Could I find that umbrella? Not if my life depended on it.

I am almost 100% certain that I didn’t donate it. Why would I donate *that* umbrella when I have all these others? But where is it? Did Liz eventually take it home? Or did KW stash it in one o’ them thar Safe Places? You know the kind. It’s a mystery.

I’ll find the artsy umbrella (or not) but that little incident got me onto a big umbrella flingding. What will I keep? I will keep the three on the right. On the far right is my REI hiking umbrella, which I asked for at xmas and received. I love the rainbow umbrella and I’ll keep it for now but if I don’t use it (because I’m using my REI umbrella), I’ll fling it. I’ll keep the Class A Totes umbrella next to it. I could open and close it easily. So, good guestbrella or carbrella maybe.

The others? Ducky? I looooove Ducky and the Beach Urchins *may* be nostalgic but I’m not keeping her. Some thrift shop prowler will snap her up for a child whose parents cannot afford a fancy umbrella for their child and that child will love Ducky. There’s another umbrella that is totally not user friendly and I am NOT keeping that one. I can open it. For the life of me, I cannot close it. There is a way to do it and the GG has figgered it out a couple of times but… The rest…

I think we need to have one umbrella (maaaaybeeee two) in each vee-hickle. I’m gonna let the GG pick some out. The rest I am gonna fling. I couldn’t give you a count of the umbrellas that were in my parents’ house after The Comm died but I can tell you it was nowhere near *nine*!

Next up? Ice scrapers. What are you flinging these days (if you are in a flinging mode)?

3 Responses to “…and counting!”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I’m not flinging things I should–like papers, but I don’t generally get rid of umbrellas. I lose them before I can do that, usually!

  2. Sam Says:

    Ice scrapers are a rare commodity in ATL…so we have stashed one in each vehicle “just in case.”

  3. Pooh Says:

    I’m painting the central hall and the central hall closet. So, all the games are out of the closet (and the shelves and broomstick/hanging rod.) I’ve invented the two children from next door to come and look at the games. Ethan asked if we had Battleship. Why yes we do.

    Then there all the books we moved upstairs when the living room and dining room were painted. I tried to weed out the books, but instead had a stack I wanted to read, or re-read. (I’m sure you’re shocked, shocked, by this revelation!) 😉