Naked lunch

crowsWhat a fun day! A corporate-sponsored 5K race at work. It was a charity event and we each paid $20 plus an optional donation to participate. Two of my team’s lovely QA people (with help from Building Mom and others) planned our facility’s event. They had to re-route the race course after initial attempts to include a neglected nature trail yielded several 👹s. Yes, ticks. Yick. The consensus was that there were probably many folks in our facility that might not have a clue about ticks (I didn’t until about 15 years ago when Radical Betty picked one up at Naomikong) and we didn’t want to subject them to the possibility of encountering the devil incarnate on a charity 5K race. So our gals re-routed the course to paved sidewalks adjacent to frequently mowed grass.

Race? I think about five people *ran* the race. Most of us, including meeee, walked. I am not a runner, although I can sprint if I want to. There were people walking who may not have even attempted an event like this a year or so ago. That was so cool. The point was to raise money and get people outside walking. Oh, and have fun! Because that’s really all that life should be about.

I had to laugh when folks were showing up yesterday with New Walking Shoes purchased for this event. I walk three miles (5K) every single blasted morning of my life and on as many days as I can, more moiles than that. I almost always wear my tried and true Keen sandals, even in the winter (with wool socks!), unless it’s below 10 degrees and/or snowing. Buying a new pair of shoes the day before a hike is scary. For me, a number of three mile hikes is what breaks a new pair of shoes/sandals in. But so what. My friends were excited about the event and I can’t feature being judgmental about people wanting to get outside and walk and having fun buying new shoes for that purpose!

I didn’t expect this event to taaarrrr me out all that much but I found myself nodding off in my cube a bit later in the afternoon. I’m at a thinking point in my latest prodject… Finished off the day by walking from The Landfill to Knight’s Steakhouse with npJane for dinner and lots of fun conversation. Love. And good night.

P.S. Godspeed to Israel Borouchoff, my flute prof umpteen gazillion years ago at Moo-U, who died recently at 86. Not the easiest teacher in some ways but that was part of his job. I managed to get on his good side (and he on mine). More on him in a future post maybe. Or maybe not. We’ll see what I get up to. A Class-A person in any case.

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  1. Margaret Says:

    RIP to Flute Prof Extraordinaire. I wouldn’t buy new running shoes before a race/walk either, but as you said, they were committed to the fundraiser and that’s cool! TICKS are scary. I’ve never seen one and hope to never do so.