Pluviophile (up to a point)

cowNot that we had a whole lot of rain today. A sprinkling this morning — after I walked down to the farmer’s market and back. It would’ve been okay because I had an umbrella in my backpack. Of course, that umbrella only added to the weight of the stuff I had to haul back up the hill. Lemme see… lettuce, cherry tomatoes, peas (which I shelled on the patio this afternoon), radishes, potatoes, cucumber, broccoli, Delmonico steaks from Sparrow Meats and I’m probably forgetting something. Anyway, backpack and plastic grokkery bag that I kept having to switch from hand to hand because it was soooo heavy. But I made it, so dance with me! 🐸

You don’t want to know about the rest of my day. It was sooooo boring. Flinging ensued. Or at least staging for more flinging. Not a whole lot of stuff actually got flung but I did make progress. I think my current mini-goal is to be able to vacuum the carpet in the area of the Landfill Dungeon that I once called my “studio” by the end of the summer, or maybe even replace it. Alas, it was always either too dark or too cluttered down there for it to work out as a “studio”. What studio, you may ask? Well, back when I was doing fiber arts type stuff. I may do that kind of stuff again but I am not now. The last 10 years have been a pretty chaotic ride (off and on) and now that I am in a relatively quiet period, I’m working on continuing to minimalize my life.

Beautiful day today. Cooler than predicted and I did not see any hint of the sun all day and that was okay. Pluvio-whatever.

Looking through my graduation year high school yearbook tonight. Every single pic of those who shared the year of 1972. All 360 of them… Who do I remember? Who do I still know? Who do I not remember and why not? There’s a reason for this exercise but I can’t quite articulate it tonight.

One Response to “Pluviophile (up to a point)”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I like the rain, but then I live in WA where it tends to happen frequently, although not as much as people think. Precip doesn’t hold me back from any activities and I prefer it to 90 degrees. My day was boring too, but I got the lawn mowed, the plants watered and some shopping done. Small accomplishments are what it’s all about!