I thought the camelP thing was a joke 🐗

rescueI live with the King of Cryptic Text Messages. Except today it wasn’t a text message, it was an email message. Same difference. He’s cryptic whatever communication method he’s using.

So I get this email. The subject is “Rescue old stove” and there was no content other than the pitcher over there on the right. I started scratching my head. Where the hell is he? I knew he was somewhere between Tahquamenon and The Planet Ann Arbor but where? He had texted a while back, “Indian River”. Okay, Indian River is I75 SUV Speedway Michigan mile marker 310, which is south of the Big Mac and therefore waaaay south of Tahq. So, is he somewhere south of Indian River? And if so, why is he off the freeway? This is pretty much a Travel Day for him. And did he just randomly run into Some People trying to drag an old stove out of a river and decide to stop and help them? Hi! Need some help?

Eventually I took a closer look at the photooo and, although the faces are not clear, I realized that Some People were our North Country Trail (NCT) buddies. I still didn’t know why they were “rescuing” an old stove out of a river. I was hoping to high heaven that the old stove was not making its way down to The Landfill, not that Gertrude wouldn’t enjoy having a stove friend.

I don’t really worry much about the King of Cryptic Text Messages when he is off on various junkets. If I hear from him at all, I know he’s okay. And I did hear from him after the Rescue Old Stove message in the form of a video of him driving the Pontoon Bote at Hoton Lake, holding his grandniece. I didn’t comment but if I had, my comment would’ve been something like, “Is he watching where he’s going?” And then a final text message “on the road”. And he’s home and it is raining cats and dogs for about the umpteen billionth time today and I am loving it!!! At this rate, I won’t have to think about watering things for a few days!

I picked up little clues about the Stove Rescue throughout the day. When the GG got home, I learned that its ultimate destination is the garden of one our NCT friends. I’m sorry I missed this adventure although I wouldn’t have been all that much help in getting the stove outta the river.

2 Responses to “I thought the camelP thing was a joke 🐗”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I would LOVE some rain; I’m already burned out on watering and wondering why I bought so many plants. I have always wished that I kept the cryptic text that Patt sent us when we were in Senegal. He had no idea how to text, so there were some very funny and random things in there.

  2. Sam Says:

    I know what you mean about the communications of the KCTM, both the rareness and the puzzling, oblique, and perplexing qualities. I’m always so flattered to hear from KCTM, maybe twice each year…I’ve reached my limit for 2015….