Cabin fire

jackoOh, not the moomincabin, although any random lightning strike could make that happen at any time, just sayin’. This cabin faaaarr happened at Houghton Lake. It wasn’t the Cfam cabin but it happened in the ‘hood aka Long Point. Houghton Lake is the largest inland lake in the Great Lake State (somebody keep me honest here) and the perimeter is chockablock with cabins, so a faaar elsewhere on the lake might elicit a bit of attention but our cabin is on Long Point so this faaar was up close and personal. I prob’ly walk by those now burned cabins frequently when I’m up there. I can’t figure out where it happened from the pics (in the link). There’s too much smoke.

I can think of four spectacular faaars on Long Point since I’ve been a Cfam outlaw. Usually we haven’t been there but one happened when we were up there on a winter weekend when the beach urchins were young. We left for the day and when we returned, a [marginal] “apartment house” down the street had burned to the ground. That was back in the day of the Moldy Old Cabin and I would’ve been more nervous about faaarrs there except that: 1) we had installed smoke alarms there when we had children and 2) Grandpa Garth constantly reminded us about fuses and plugs and lucky-shuckial waaaaarrs in his little “Every housewife should know” speeches. Little did he know that I grew up with those kinds of warnings and, as a consequence, was very nervous about lucky-shucky in general. I loved him anyway and he was right to give those little speeches given that he owned the cabin in those days and many people used it whether he was there to supervise or not. In fact, he didn’t necessarily know who was there at any given time. He loved for his kids and grandchildren to use it and he was hands-off about its management. Have fun but don’t fergit to put the plug in. And jiggle the handle! How could I fergit that? Miss that guy, my father-in-law!

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  1. Margaret Says:

    Fire is terrifying and so is electricity. It is so mysterious to me.