Twitter play starring the KCTM!

batterySetting: Landfill Driveway, 11-ish Tuesday night.

@tmotu: Need any eggs?

@lizardbreath [not her real twitter handle]: I just went to Alaska and back.

Um, “Need any eggs?” Say what? Thinking about it a number of hours later [eighteen or so but I can’t type the numeral version of eighteen because my eight key isn’t working], this question kinda makes sense. Eggs are a quick protein snack for both beach urchins and if you have been in Alaska for 10 days, you might not have eggs in your refrigerator and eggs might make a quick breakfast on that first, jet-laggy morning back from whatever time zone Alaska is in to good old EDT time. But last night it just made me shake my head and laugh 🐸.

As of now, I am typing this on the iPad Air that I won a while back because… Last weekend my MacBook’s 8 key stopped working. I hate going to the Genius Bar so I decided to hold off for a while. Today the O, l, and . keys are working kind of intermittently. And the touchpad occasionally goes off on its own tangent but not anywhere near as badly as this MacBook’s identical predecessor (which we still own BTW). So, Genius Bar tomorrow morning. I’ll just ask them to fix both issues. If they give me crap about gunk, I’ll remind them that *laptops* were *designed* to be used in locations like coffee shops and chitchens, etc. Jeesh.

Wish I could get more accustomed to using the iPad keyboard. Practice maybe? I certainly know how to do that.

Note to self: Don’t fergit yer ‘puter tomorrow morning. I mean your own personal laptop, not your work laptop. You would NEVER fergit your work laptop!

3 Responses to “Twitter play starring the KCTM!”

  1. isa Says:

    I am now in possession of some eggs. Haven’t processed photos yet.

  2. Margaret Says:

    I get very frustrated when multiple electronic devices aren’t working. And I hate the Genius Bar; they can be so supercilious.

  3. jane Says:

    I remember a day several years ago when a SUPER excited GG arrived at my parents house to announce the birth of said lizardbreath. Harry made him scrambled eggs. 😉