Muddling through by hook or by crook 🐗

I am so proud of myself tonight🐸🐸🐸 I know, I know, pride goeth before a fall. But this is the kind of pride a person feels when she has worked diligently to master something and has managed to accomplish it without any help.

What did I do, exactly? I set up my email on my iPad All By Myself without sending simpering little text messages to The Guru, “I can’t get my email to work.” [Think annoying, whiny little voice when you read that.] Tonight? I was determined. I ran into some little glitches but I muddled through aka googled until I solved them. And then I emailed my BFF to tell The Guru about my success! I’m sure he was ecstatic. So yay me!!!

Why did I finally set up email on my new iPad? If you are a regular reader, you might guess that my MacBook Pro is in the shop. Three days. New keyboard and trackpad. Keyboard issues verified, trackpad is intermittent but I asked them to replace it anyway. Humidity makes it worse and guess what season it is… No cost. AppleCare doesn’t run out until next March. Who knew?

I have an iffy relationship with the genius bar but my experience today was pretty good all in all. Then again maybe that’s because *I* decided I wasn’t gonna be in a big angsty panic. My genius was multitasking by working with me and the nice young gal in the next seat. He could manage that because while my issues were relatively straightforward hardware things, my neighbor had not done software updates in a while so they were w-a-i-t-i-n-g for her musheen to re-a-start forever. I’m not perfect about doing software updates but I *can* manage them without a genius.

As much as I complain about the supercilious [thanks for the word Margaret] Genius Bar employees, you have to know that my half of the convo will often mention various “I am not just some old bag topics” like, the Apple II+ we bought in 1979, the 12″ G4 PowerBook I bought in 2003 and, if we get far enough off on a tangent, the mainframe I taught myself FORTRAN on back in the Jurassic Age and/or something about my current systems analyst job and the Windows musheen I use there. By that time the genius is nodding politely 🐗 and trying to get the old bag outta there as fast as possible.

I’m not terrible about touch typing on this thing but I do get distracted by the autocorrect options and occasionally drag a finger onto the virtual keyboard where it doesn’t belong. Please be kind if you see [even more] typos than usual. Practice…

4 Responses to “Muddling through by hook or by crook 🐗”

  1. Tonya Says:

    I had to type on my iPad keyboard recently and it drove me nuts. I’m quite a fast typer (keyboarder?) and while typing on the iPad was doable, I HATED that I couldn’t go like the wind. 😉

  2. Margaret Says:

    I can’t type on my tablet to save my life. I love dictating into my phone, but if I’m not careful before I send, there are some strange(sometimes funny) autocorrects. Like Tonya, I prefer a keyboard.

  3. Sam Says:

    May I mildly contest your self-characterization as an “old bag”? You WAY underestimate yourself! I do heartily stand with you on the pitfalls of autocorrect….

  4. Sam's husband Says:

    I am ecstatic!