Up close and personal

imageFaaaar damage, that is. Half mile down the road from the Cfam Group Home, an easy walk for a beleaguered old systems analyst after a long work week, a laptop meltdown, and a 2.5 hour drive. Sad but no injuries and, as people keep pointing out, prob’ly those folks’ll build nice new cabins (and no, I am not trying to suggest anything nefarious).

Actually we Ninja’d the northward drive, even though we were driving the Frog Hopper. As we left the landfill neighborhood, I saw on Google Maps that US23 was faaaar engine red from M14 to North of Whitmore Lake. No fewer than three accidents. That was not good, not to mention that the northbound freeway turned out to be CLOSED. We figgered that out via Twitter before we got to that point. Fortunately, we are pretty familiar with the back roads in the general area and so we managed to snake around up to where the freeway opened up again. Smooth sailing the rest of the trip.

Not much else for now. This was a spur of the moment trip. A good number of Cfam members were planning to be up here and I hadn’t seen any of these particular outlaws in forever, not even the Uncly Uncle, one of my fave hiking buddies. So! So! Let’s go!

One Response to “Up close and personal”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I love the way you use the tech to figure out great ways to get places. I need to get better at that! I’m going to Tonya’s on Thursday, but I’m expecting to travel when the traffic isn’t super heavy. 🙂