Pride goeth…

macstackAnd so, I got over to Cubeland this morning. I unpacked my laptop, ran a brush through my bushy hair (don’t ask), sat down and powered up my laptop, and bumped my phone with my elbow. I mean my CUBE landline, not my iPhone. The CUBE landline that I almost NEVER use and couldn’t tell you the number if I tried. Nope, we email, I/M, shout over the wall, whatever. Although I tried to shout over the wall to FZ today and he did not reply. I knew he was there. Was he ignoring me? I walked around to his Cube. Headphones. I think they were the noise-blocking kind. I said [out loud], “I’ll email him.” And I did. To much laughter from everyone in our Cube Neighborhood except FZ, who didn’t hear me.

Anyway, I bumped my landline with my elbow this morning. It made some Old Skool Phone noises and I scrambled to stop whatever call it might be making. I thought I was successful but then a couple minutes later Louie Louii appeared in my cube asking, “You rang?” Oops, no. I told him I was glad I had spammed him and not the police because that can be a mess. Bottom line? I have no clue how to use my Cube Landline’s once-fancy features. And it is as dirty as all getout from collecting dust all these years.

My MacBook Pro? Loverly. It is like a new musheen. Actually it is pretty close to being a new musheen, given all that they replaced to the tune of $755. Yes. KW, maybe you did not dump water (or whatever) into your keyboard and it’s true that you do wash and dry your hands every time you use the dern thing. But. Alas. My laptop set off Apple’s water sensors. There were some tortuous conversations with after-hours Apple support people last week in which KW was NOT in her best form (and has since felt great remorse). In the end, the GG went over to inspect the computer the next morning and concurred that there was water damage. I *think* I’ve figgered out how it happened and mitigational steps have been taken.

In the end, I could afford to pay for the repair and decided to let the whole thing go and move forward. I think I had been angry mostly at myself because I try very hard to be careful with things and I apparently wasn’t.

So, how ’bout them thar tornadoes? Loud thunder woke us up at that Batscope Time of Night. Big thunderstorm and, after a bit, tornado sirens. There were tornadoes south (and north?) of us. They damaged houses but I don’t think any living beings were injured. Here at The Landfill? Just a big beautiful thunderstorm. Many folks in town [twitter] went down to their basements. We didn’t go down to our basement. We opened up the front door to look outside. Not that I haven’t ever ordered everyone to the basement. I don’t mess around with tornadoes but my internal radar was not afraid and, therefore, neither was I. I was taaaared and I had no trouble falling back asleep.

2 Responses to “Pride goeth…”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I don’t have a basement, so I would be in trouble! I’m curious about what you did to the computer to cause water damage.

  2. Sam Says:

    Glad the musheen now is running well; sometimes Fate delivers turns that are unpleasant…finding silver linings is very important, I think….