Putcher knees down kiddo

imageThose times when dads and grandpas are charged with supervising small children. To give moom a break, roight? I won’t provide any details but suffice it to say old great aunt KW’s maternal instincts kicked into full-tilt boogie mode on a certain recent bote ride. One where the moom and grandmoom stayed behind to clean the cabin.

These are the best of dads and granddads. Wonderful gentle men and thoughtful parents. The kind who are always willing to jump in and help with the babies and the housecleaning and whatever. The GG was waaaay more experienced with changing diapers when we had our first and he was right in the thick of things in that department. I know that other mothers were envious and some prospective mothers were disappointed when their partners didn’t exactly emulate the GG.

He was a dad though. Once he took our small beach urchins “fishing” next to one of the canal bridges on Long Point Drive. I walked over there to meet them and they were sitting on a narrow ledge 5-6 feet above the water. As soon as I got there, Lizard Breath said, “Dad says this is all right but we don’t think so.” Indeed.

On the flip side, the GG once saved Mouse’s life. The time when she slipped through the seats on our ancient swing set glider and got her neck stuck between them. He held those seats apart for I dunno how long. Until Burke came home from work and appeared in his back yard and the GG could ask him to bring tools over and free that tiny little neck from the swing set guillotine.

That is all for now. Love y’all. Seriously. All of you. Even those of you who hate me, life is short. Let’s try to get along. Please. And please putcher knees down.

2 Responses to “Putcher knees down kiddo”

  1. Paulette Attie Says:

    Penultimate father, that GG. Whew. Poor Mouse. Love you too, KW. Miss you.

  2. Margaret Says:

    That would be a terrifying accident to have and the GG kept his wits about him. (I would have panicked!) Patt was a very involved and loving dad, but he didn’t change many diapers. However, he was a pro at science projects, teaching them games/sports and listening to them calmly,when I would probably have ranted.