Introvert’s Rechargeable Battery House

imageMan, what a fun weekend! A melange of family members spanning three generations, just like the moominbeach where my brother and I and later on our children grew up.

I am probably a bit guilty of remembering my childhood through rose-colored glasses. I know that not everybody was always a happy camper, so to speak, yer fav-o-rite blahgger and once [still?] a Spirited Child most definitely included 🐸🐗 There were sibling and / or cousin squabbles and Differences in Parenting Styles. When I was really small, my family spent the summer living in the Old Cabin with my old coot’s two sisters and there their families. Many years later, I will always remember Radical Betty laughing and saying, “Shades of the past,” when all of us sibs / cousins started having kids and another couple of generations began those squabbles. Despite all that, people loved each other and there was waaaaay more collaboration than argument.

I feel blessed to have been welcomed into the Cfam as an adult. My outlaws have managed to preserve their childhood cabin into the next generation so that family members can still enjoy it. And we do. We enjoy it when we are alone up there and we enjoy it when we are sharing it with a full house. The more, the merrier. Is it always paradise? Of course not! But we respect each other and there is much more collaboration than argument.

Our decision to go north for the weekend was last-minute. We made that decision because we knew there would be a whole bunch of folks up there. We wanted to spend time with them!

We did arrange for our little safe house to be there. A place for an introvert (you know who) to go when she needs to recharge her social battery, not to mention a few of her devices since the Lyme Lounge is electrified. And, as I posted on FB yesterday, a nice, clean, modern biffy is up the steps on the right. As a bonus, the young children who spent time up there had a blast exploring our cute little trailer (when they weren’t helping the Twinz of Terror drive the Pontoon Bote). Shades of the past when the Fin G4 gen hung out in the Little Princess, giving their mooms and grandmooms a bit of a break.

Again, so much fun this weekend. Love y’all but special shoutout to my Cfam relatives tonight. Love, KW.

2 Responses to “Introvert’s Rechargeable Battery House”

  1. Sam Says:

    Love photo perspective… (??)

  2. Margaret Says:

    Great memories and still making more of them in the present. That’s the way to live!