Front Loader

Front Loading is a new (to me) term for something I do with some frequency, that being work the weekend before a trip in order to take a day or two fewer paid vacation days. I did that this weekend, spending hours on an up-and-coming prodject in trade for a day during the 4th of July weekend. I will take three days off: one vacation day, one company holiday, and one trade day for working this weekend.

I did manage to squeeze in a whole bunch of other stuff over the weekend, including my whole regular line-up of Saturday chores and trips to *both* the Kiwanis Thrift Shop and Recycle Ann Arbor’s dropoff center. So nice to finally get those bags of bubble wrap outta the Ninja’s back seat.

And of course there was the farmer’s market. I walked down there in the rain early yesterday morning. We always buy a donut and coffee and we *usually* sit on those red seats to eat our little breakfast. Not yesterday. I’ll let you guess why. Still beautiful down there and though there were not quiiiiite as many vendors as usual, there was plenty of produce and the GG’s girlfriends were all there.


Yesterday was a pluviophile’s dream. It rained ALL day. I don’t think I will have to water anything any time soon as more rain is in the forecast. Today? Complete opposite. Warm and sunny all day. We headed down to our fave urban hiking trail at Barton Dam, where we found raspberries.


Hiawatha Shore-to-Shore North Country Trail maintenance crew needed here! (And a couple other places.)


As the late afternoon approached, I shut down my work laptop and headed out to the back yard to shell peas, my new favorite zen activity.


What did you do this weekend? I hope it was a good one! Love.

2 Responses to “Front Loader”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I didn’t do much except water plants and sweat. I had my hair done and went out to coffee with a friend. 🙂 We need that rain!

  2. Pooh Says:

    We rode back-to-back 50 milers on our bicycles. Yesterday we rode in the rain, then waited out the downpours where the radar app went from pale green to yellow, orange and red. Then in the evening, we went to the basement and waited out the tornado warning, heard the hail bounce onto the basement windows, and watched the radarscope go from red to ochre to lavender. Many of the bike trails and some roads near the Mississippi are closed due to flooding.
    >Margaret, it’s pretty messed up when Washington State needs rain.