This is not in front of my house!

freestuffIt would be rare for me to put a teensy tinesy wee little boxette like this with a “free stuff” sign on it out on the curb. Nope. I do put stuff out there sometimes but it’s usually big enough that you can *see* it if you aren’t driving or cruising along at a full-tilt boogie walking pace. It can be embarrassing (to me anyway) when you actually witness or even encounter a person that is picking up your stuff. Like once when I put some boxes of empty binders and plastic baskets and things out there. I got back into my house and, as I was walking by the front window, the neighbor across the street was picking them up. This was fine with me but I bet we both felt a bit awkward. As it turned out, a couple months later, the neighbor’s daughter approached me and thanked me for that stuff. She was just starting out as a kindergarten teacher and took it for her classroom. I was glad to help a newly employed young teacher get started.

I don’t have much else. You do not want to know about human-readable-reports and most of you probably don’t know what an LA36 DECwriter II terminal is. My friends, the LA36 DECwriter II terminal is the musheen I was using when I taught myself how to program via the FORTRAN IV computer language. I cannot believe that we are still talking about those old terminals at my work these days. It says something about my “team” that most folks don’t have to be told what an LA36 DECwriter II terminal is.

It is a travel week and guess where we are traveling? No less than the Number 1 state in the country according to Thrillist. This was big news here in the frequently disparaged, god-forsaken Great Lake State today, oh boy oh boy. To meeeee, a lifelong Michigan resident, this makes perfect sense although I do get taaarrred of snow driving… I think they were trying to be funny ranking Florida as 50th. Our recent rocket trip to Florida only made me want to go back there. Not to retire, of course. Just to enjoy the beautiful beautiful scenery and aminals (some of them from a distance, thank you very much) and our beloved relatives down there. Still, I’ll take any ranking that puts Michigan first. It is my home and I love it here no matter the doggamn weather.

3 Responses to “This is not in front of my house!”

  1. Margaret Says:

    How can I trust a study that puts Washington at 8th and both Louisiana and Kentucky ahead of it? 🙂 Teachers can use most everything, believe me. We are always grateful not to have to buy or scrounge up supplies.

  2. Tonya Says:

    Can’t trust that study! 😛

  3. Pooh Says:

    Some people in the school district area here have organized two websites. One is MRH Barter and Curb, the other is MRH Buy and Sell. A slightly more organized way of doing the same thing as the “Free Stuff” box above.