Taking down my rainbow pride profile pic (or not)

carbeckold<metablahg>The not would be because I didn’t make a rainbow pride profile pic. I am *for* SSM, although I have to admit when I first encountered the acronym SSM, I was scratching my head. Sault Ste. Marie? I know via the Sault Evening News facebook page that at least one same sex marriage has been performed up there, but I couldn’t figure out why the Sault was being called out. Ohhhh. Because SSM stands for Same Sex Marriage, not Sault Ste. Marie. Get a grip, KW. Anyway. I did not rainbow-wash my profile pic. I support others for doing it! You go! It just isn’t my style, not that I have a “style” [snort]. Then again, one of my Uniforms includes a tie-dyed t-shirt so maybe I’ve already got it covered In Real Life 🐸</metablahg>

Sorry, I am sick to death of news, good or bad, it doesn’t matter. Or maybe it’s news *analysis* up the wazoo that I’m sick of. Like the internet article I skimmed just before writing this that gave guidelines for taking your rainbow pride facebook profile pic down. Jeebus. People, do what you want! It’s *your* facebook page. You can change your profile pic whenever you want. Personally, I still have pics of meeee and Sarasota Bay from Cap’n Ed’s bote from APRIL because that was a dream bote trip that I am reluctant to take down. But eventually, I will.

carbecknewHow about some new bushes? A few weeks ago, Luke of Perrynet and I bumped into each other taking the garbage/recycling/compost out to the street. He gave me that black and white photo of my house. It’s on my refrigerator now. He took it back in the 1970s when he was a teenager. His parents owned the house across the street. When we first moved into our house in 1984, he and his parents were living there and he was driving his motor-sickle. Fast-forwarding through a lot of stuff that I saw on the fringes, his dad left his mom (and then died) and his mom got very frail and Luke married Marsha and they moved mom somewhere and bought/inherited her house and had a baby and have lived there ever since. Good neighbors.

The bushes in the first pic have been bugging me for years but we never quite got around to doing something about them so you can see what they look like, hmm, 40 years later. It’s partly because we are not good gardeners but also because these ugly, dying bushes provide habitat for the birds who inhabit all of our birdhouses. During the nesting season, mooma birds flit from their birdhouses to the bushes and back. We want birds here, which is one of the reasons we don’t have a cat, even though I love cats.

So now, (second pic), we have some new bushes planted. The plan is to get the new bushes started and then destroy the old dead bushes. I hope this works out.

Rumbly thunderstorms here. I remember Grandma Frances comforting a very young Lizard Breath about taking a nap during a possible thunderstorm: “If there is a thunderstorm, Grandma will come swish!” Love…

2 Responses to “Taking down my rainbow pride profile pic (or not)”

  1. Margaret Says:

    We had a bit of a thunderstorm, but not enough rain to make it worthwhile. A few sprinkles. 🙁 I too am fatigued with news and push back, drama and counter drama. There doesn’t seem to be much acceptance or dialogue, just loud voices!

  2. Sam Says:

    What a great Grandma-promise! I want swoop-in security! (Sunshine here late-day, and it became dry enough that the Guru mowed the (remaining) grass, so things are pretty darned perfect, metablahg or no….)