What’s in the bag?

Jeebus! Trial by faaaarrr.

Got up, took a shower, took a walk, got coffee with MMCB2, drove over to Bugs & Horsey’s house (aka Chez Regen) to pick up tickets to the baseball game, got back in the Ninja, put it in neutral, released the emergency brake, put the clutch in, turned the key, aanndddd. Can you guess what happened next? Nothing, that’s what happened next. Well, except that the radio and every dashboard light on earth came on and the vee-hickle started rolling down Chez Regen’s steeeeeep driveway toward the service drive! Put the brake on (or tried to). Danger Will Robinson!

Got the Ninja stopped. Turned off the key. Tried again. Same scenario. Emailed work. Called the GG. W-a-i-t-e-d for him to wend his way through town. People were trying to leave Chez Regen. I was blocking the driveway. Then. Tried again, thinking, what the heck, if I roll into the service drive, I have Jay and Rey and Carl here. We can PUSH the dern vee-hickle outta the way. Got into the Ninja again, put it in neutral, released the emergency brake, PUT THE CLUTCH IN, turned the key, aaannnddd. Vrrrrrrooooom! Whew! Called the GG back — turn around! Operator Error!

That was just half the battle. The Ninja ran like a top but, getting to work from Chez Regen? Took f-o-r-e-v-e-r. Thank you god for giving me understanding co-workers. I had them in stitches telling them about my morning from hell, adding in little bits about some guy in a leopard fez. We have so much fun!

Evening? Well. Here we are at the Woodbridge Pub, waiting to meet Liz for dinner.


And then Comerica Park, where the Tigers lost miserably (but at least they didn’t play for 14 innings like they did last night). But how ’bout that sunset?


Reached into my backpack to pull out my jacket and found a baseball. How did it get there? I did not know at the time but I should have suspected that the Reigning Mariner Fan of the Year had played a role. There was also a bag of bobble-heads under my seat at one point.


G’night! Do y’all have any idea how hard it is to write a blahg entry on an iPhone while bumpity-clunking along the I94 18-wheel Slogway? Typos be damned🐗

One Response to “What’s in the bag?”

  1. Margaret Says:

    That’s an amazing sunset–wow! You forgot to put the clutch in? That would be something *I* would do, since I haven’t driven a manual (regularly) for a couple decades.