Where it’s at


I love my life. Last night I ate dinner down in DayTwa and actually went to a baseball game at Comerica Park. Somehow today I’m at the moominbeach. It is 4th of July weekend and that somehow has come to mean that every single Fin Fam and McNott relative on earth tries to get back to the moominbeach to celebrate together. And so I am here and after parking the Lyme Lounge and opening up the blasted curtains in the moomincabin and driving a few miles down the road to pick up orange juice and lettuce and stuff, I took a kayak out. Our purple kayak that we bought umpteen billion years ago. It still works. Here I am where it’s at.

My Mouse is traveling through whatever mayhem is happening on the I75 SUV Speedway. She texted from the West Branch rest area so I guess she has made it through the worst of it. I have breakfast dinner [including bacon] for her when she gets here 💜 My Lizard Breath is leaving early tomorrow with or without MiaPet (okay either way). The Old Cabin is filled with every RegenPerson on earth. Our Northern Correspondent is having a garage sale tomorrow (and we’ll be there). The triplets have their learner’s permits.

Friends and some beloved outlaws might make an appearance here this weekend. They are soooo welcome should they choose to be with us. Love y’all. KW.

3 Responses to “Where it’s at”

  1. l4827 Says:

    Currently over packing, and over snacking. ‘Hattans, ‘Teenies, campfires, friends …. sounds oh so good.

  2. Margaret Says:

    It sounds wonderful! You are actually KAYAK WOMAN. 🙂

  3. Sam Says:

    Fingers crossed!