Happy Anniversary!

Yes, it is our anniversary. The 33rd, to be exact. We don’t like to celebrate birthdays or anniversaries or whatever in any kind of style but some of our wonderful friends/relatives have outed us, so yes, 33 years. What did we do today? Well, the GG went down over to the Brevort Lake Silver Creek section of the North Country Trail to do some trail maintenance. I went to the grocery store. And then I went to the other grocery store. Since the GG had the Frog Hopper today, I took Daisy. She used to be my vee-hickle but she belongs to Mouse now. I’m not going to post beach photos today. Instead I will post some photooos from the behind the scenes, so to speak.

In between trips to the grocery store, Mouse and I walked up the road to Our Northern Correspondent’s garage sale. She is flinging (and so am I) and I told her via facebook that we probably wouldn’t buy anything but we would definitely stop by. As it turned out, we didn’t buy anything [although we were interested in a few things but they were sold quickly!] Anyway, we did pick a mug’s worth of the loverly yellow tomatoes. We are all trying to figure out how this dead-looking plant is managing to produce viable tomatoes.


And then our cousin Leila came over. She helped Mouse make corn chowder and here they are with Leila on a stool, next to Mouse channeling The Commander helping young children learn kitchen tasks (although I believe Leila already knows her way around a kitchen). Still, so much fun.


And then there was this, which I have few words for.


And the GG found only two ticks on his North Country Trail maintenance trip today. To be added to his Tick Collection.


One sister makes a quilt for another. Love love love.


We are home alone now but earlier, the place was filled with the fun and laughter of Fin Fam cousins and their children. The Commander would have loved her small, rustic cabin to be filled with so many Fin Fam relatives and their friends. Love.

3 Responses to “Happy Anniversary!”

  1. Sam Says:

    Belated hap-aniv! I remember a beautiful, fun, and heart-warming day!

  2. Margaret Says:

    Sounds like a happy day doing things you love! (with people you love)

  3. TMOTU Says:

    Actually, I worked between MI 123 and the Curley Lewis…I did the Brevort Lake area at the end of May.