I can can’t see Russia Canada from my house

Yes, it was one of *those* 4th of July days. The kind where the fog rolls in and out and never completely goes away. A rainforest effect added to the general ambiance. It was dry on the beach but the fog was kind of getting caught in the trees so when you walked up the path into the woods, the trees rained on you. Wasn’t all that warm either although I think it was warm in Sault Ste. Siberia and Brimley and even up at Our Northern Correspondent’s garage sale up on Birch Point Loop, which is just a short walk up the hill.


The second time I walked the beach today, I encountered a sick (or injured?) cormorant just short of Doelle’s. He had just enough life in him to try to launch into flight one more time. Alas, he never cleared the ground, just flopped over. Later in the day, I learned via Our Northern Correspondent that he has been a known entity for days. I know this kind of thing is life but I still felt bad. Somebody asked me if I wanted someone to kill him and I couldn’t give that person a straight answer. bdah bdah bdah bdah.


I cooked breakfast this morning, then I threw a lasagne together and did some cleaning and stuff and then we sat down on the beach in the early afternoon until I had to actually bake the lasagne.


It’s my lasagne and I’ll do what I want to. Oh well. The question was, do we drive the lasagne over to the potluck or do we walk the beach. I got The Commander’s Lasagne Trailer outta the garage and we loaded up the lasagne in that to walk it down the beach and through The Bopper’s Path to the party. The Lasagne Trailer is usually fine on the beach but, given that the water is very high this year, it was a wee bit difficult. The GG and Mouse took matters in hand and picked it up. Notice the fog?


Another wonderful July 4th potluck at Dashie’s and my lasagne was totally decimated! Yay! No leftovers! We were all in need of a nap (or the equivalent) at about that point. The beach urchins got one while the GG and I headed over to the other side of Birch Point for a dose of porterization. My introverted personality hadn’t really quite recovered from the potluck by that time but these folks have been our friends for so many years that I knew it would be okay and it was. And the fog came in again.

With all due respect to dogs and war veterans with PTSD, I can hear (but not see, fog, you know) the faaarworks over in Bay Mills and I am loving it! And love y’all. -KW

2 Responses to “I can can’t see Russia Canada from my house”

  1. Sam Says:

    Late morning, the fog did clear here a bit west of you…good viewing across “our” lake (ever so much smaller than “your” lake) to fireworks on the south shore, in at least three places!

  2. Margaret Says:

    There are so many fascinating (and very different) recipes for lasagne; what’s in yours? I would have loved the cool and fog. We had YET another record-breaking 90+ day, filled with some reckless people and fires and such to add to the usual stupidity some people use with fireworks.