Motor Bote Beach Day

The GG and Lizard Breath launched the Motor Bote today. We drove down to Brimley State Park and I somehow managed to drive the Frog Hopper home with an empty bote trailer behind it. It was okay. I can drive pulling a trailer in a straight line. I cannot back up. All I had to do was drive three miles home from the park and pull the Frog Hopper far enough into the moomincabin garage that the bote trailer wouldn’t stick out into the road. We wouldn’t want to block the road, although the Grinchie did totally block it earlier when he stopped by for coffee. Anyway, the first two pics are of the GG solving “technical” problems at the state park bote launch. His daughter was asking, “Dad. Are you sure you don’t need help?” And I indulged in quoting his dad aka The Gumper, “Twins have half brains.” The third pic is the GG and LB arriving at the beach.




We had a beach day. I tried to get one of my beach urchins to play hooky tomorrow in order for her to spend the entire day on the beach. She ended up driving back down anyway. Fin Fam folks do not play hooky easily. We have a work ethic that knocks us upside the head. But the next couple of pics show the beach at its best with bunches of folks hanging out.



And here’s Cap’n *Queen* Leila arriving to take the helm on the Motor Bote.


Alas, the GG fouled the fuel line or whatever. I was totally faster than them in my kayak.


Mouse and a guest from Atlanta and Manistique Lake. Love love love love.


Love y’all. Beaming back down to the Planet Ann Arbor tomorrow.

2 Responses to “Motor Bote Beach Day”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Fun to have a big group and the weather conducive to water activities.

  2. jane Says:

    it was a better idea to stay and enjoy the beach day. traffic was terrible – the worst I can remember in a long time. probably because I try to NOT drive down on Sunday of the 4th wknd. bad day to be driving a clutch, and lots of 10 mph. ;-(