Stolen photos

All “long” weekends come to an end and so ours did today and man oh man do I hate leaving the moomincabin in the summer in a semi-closed-down state. Curtains drawn and three out of four of the big old fuses pulled out. It doesn’t feel right but that’s a post for another day.

I last changed my facebook profile and cover pics in April. That’s a long time for me. I last changed them on Cap’n Ed and Suz’s bote down in Sarasota Bay. Hee hee hee. KW in Fla. Ha ha. Seriously. It was a dream bote trip that I will remember forever and I have had a hard time finding photos to replace those with even though I have done some fun things and collected some cool photos since then.

But here are the Grinchie and I having some coffee in the moomincabin early yesterday morning. Lizard Breath took this pic and it is a winner!


Eventually, the Grinch moved his van out from behind our garage and headed off to work (yes it was a Sunday, he tried to work on the July 4th holiday too but that was a bust because the builder’s supply store was closed 🐗). If he hadn’t moved his van, all of our beloved relatives would’ve known where to find him 🐸 That’s kind of how it works up on the moominbeach.

My facebook cover pic? Mouse took this last night. Lens flares? Yes. There is a freighter out there in the photo. So cool.


I hitched a ride with my Mouse in Daisy today. The GG drove the Frog Hopper down and dropped the Lyme Lounge at Chloe Belle’s house in Gaylord. It was a wonderful ride. Somehow, the GG beat us down. I think that’s because we stopped for food. That was okay. I am a nervous passenger but my Mouse is a fantastic driver and there were only a few moments that my back-seat driver instincts kicked in. Thanks for the good ride, Mouse. I think you girls channel your B29 pilot grandfather.

Back on The Planet Ann Arbor, kabamm. We won’t talk about why the central A/C was on when I got home. It was only 80 degrees outside. It is off now. Thank you…

G’night, KW. Thanks for the ride, kiddo. Love.

One Response to “Stolen photos”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Hard to leave when you’ve had such a wonderful time. ONLY 80?? I’m so jealous. I’m barely keeping my downstairs at a bit under 80 running the portable a/c day and night. (never had to do that before!) I’m a nervous passenger too.