Freeway trifecta

grassIf I were the betting kind and I had bet on three accidents affecting [sorta] my homeward commute today, I’d’ve won the jackpot. I’m not the betting kind (except for $2 on a couple or five KD horses) and anyway, I spent the day immersed in organizing a serpentine set of html files with javascript around the edges, interrupted by a short detour into writing a quick little set of functional requirements. This is the kind of stuff I get paid to do but I will NOT go down in history for any of it and that’s okay.

Okay, the trifecta. #1: Truck “overhanging” (yes) on (off?) an overpass on Wayne Road, wherever that is, likely over closer to Daytwa, given that Detroit is in Wayne County. Eastbound freeway closed at I-dunno-where but prob’ly hosed in general. #2: A coupla fender-bender nincompoops on the State St. at the State/I94 interchange. That didn’t hose traffic tooooo much. #3: Traffic slowed just after I got onto the I94 18-wheel Clogway. Why? All I saw was a big gray utility truck crashed into the median barrier but apparently it was a multi vee-hickle crash. Eastbound again. I was going west and we sped up after we passed it. And then I saw a faaaar engine get on the freeway when I was getting off at Jackson. Sigh. Somebody is having a really bad day.

My commute wasn’t all that bad but art fair(s) setup is also hosing traffic all over town. Glad I don’t need to go downtown for anything the next few days. If I did, I’d walk. [Don’t worry, the GG will walk down on Friday and get tie-dyed tshirts without any logos. I hope they have sleeveless ones for Suz and Cap’n Ed in Fla 🐸. Anyone else want one? Size and sleeve length required. Quantities limited by how many he can schlep home on foot.]

And no, I am not feeling the blasted angst today. That is a good thing. At the moment I am enjoying a beautiful little rain storm that is sending some nice refreshing cool air into the Landfill and watering my flowers and Mouse’s Garden so I don’t have to do it tomorrow morning. That’s about all I have today and maybe that is a good thing.

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  1. Margaret Says:

    Rain?? RAIN? 🙁 I am so sick of watering. Sometimes I wish I hadn’t planted any plants. Traffic around here is hosed most of the time. It used to be safe to go through the greater Seattle area after 9:30 am or so, but that is no longer the case!