Sounds like an old curmudgeonly thing to worry about

sunsetgirlsI won’t say what it was except that it involves the Twinz of Terror and a camping trip and possibly actually *canceling* if the weather is bad and how much money will they have to “eat” if they do have to cancel. I mean, I understand having to cancel cruises or Disney World hotels and having to eat the cost but state campgrounds? We have all toiled away our entire adult lives and we may not be in the 1% but we *can* eat campground cancellations. Jeebus.

If you can stand to read another story about my f-i-l The Gumper (or probably re-read, if you are one of my nine regulars), I’m gonna tell one from back in the days of the Moldy Old Cabin. The Gumper was an old school mechanical engineer with a particular love for small motors. Back in those days, the Moldy Old Garage was filled with small-motor veehickles: snow-mobiles, dirt bikes, and *lawn mowers*. How many lawn mowers? Seemed like about 100 to me but prob’ly more like four or five.

One Saturday we were up here when the beach urchins were young and it was kind of an on-again off-again drizzly day. The Gumper was working on a lawn mower and it was advantageous for it to be on top of the Picnic Table for him to work on it. I spent a lot of time that day helping him put the lawn mower up onto the picnic table when the drizzle stopped and helping him take the lawn mower down off the picnic table when the drizzle started again.

At some point, I remember saying something like, “You $100 an hour guys really need to hire people to do this kind of stuff.” The Gumper may have been in that kind of income category at that time but his son (the GG) certainly was not!!! But the truth was that The Gumper LOVED messing around with small motors and I will always remember that day (and the Gumper) with fondness.

At HL with the Twinz of Terror, The Beautiful Gay, Chloe Belle, and others are scheduled to arrive sometime tonight. Good outlaws. Love y’all, KW.

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  1. Margaret Says:

    In my younger days, we would go camping in any weather forecast and sometimes far away with no guaranteed spot. Now I will happily eat the money to save the time, frustration and discomfort of bad weather, no place to pitch our tent, etc. Patt always loved tinkering around with small motors too and could almost always figure them out. Such a gift! (that I don’t have!)