Weird things that happen at The Landfill

hangggingThis one is called Haaaaannngggging Around. Draw the word out as long as you can and make a hard G sound, please. You can even do a sort of a g-g-g-g pronunciation thingy with the gs if you want. The photoooo fuzziness was not really intentional but it kind of works. Haaaaannngggging Around is a top notch way to annoy KW [please do NOT try it].

Speaking of bad photooos, remember back in the days when we all mucked around with actual film and people tried to look good for the camera? No intentionally ugly expressions or other tomfoolery. And you never knew how your pic was going to turn out until you got the film developed and therefore were disappointed when fuzziness happened.

I had various film cameras during the years throughout my childhood and earlier adulthood, up until we got our first Sony Mavica. I don’t remember what the model was but you actually had to insert one of those old diskettes into it. Remember those? It could store oh I dunno, maybe 20-30 pics? That thing may not have transformed my talent at photography into anything to write home about but it sure transformed my interest in and approach to photography. Even though it was pretty much a pain in the you-know-what to deal with the diskettes and getting a photoooo onto the World Wide Web involved more machinations than I care to remember, not to mention we had to dial up to get out to them thar tubes. But still. If it was a bad photoooo, you deleted it and moved on.

And here we are, taking photos with our phones and putting them out on them thar tubes instantaneously just about anywhere and any time. Cables and floppy disks be damned. Goofy expression? Fuzzy photo? Who the heck cares? Pitchers are cheap these days. Just delete the ones you don’t want unless you are lazy like me and have umpteen gazillion photos everywhere. They are nagging me to sort them out. Do I really need to? Yes and no. But that would be a whole ‘nother post.

I can’t end this without saying that I KNOW there are many people who *still* use film by choice. I think that is wonderful! They have a different approach to photography and I think that it’s important to keep “old” technology alive. There are many many ways to approach any art form. It isn’t an exact parallel but think about the mini-revival that’s been going on with vinyl records. I tried to get rid of my scratchy old albums a while back. Not so fast, Moom! But some of them are really scratchy because I played certain songs over and over and over again (on my cheap little record player). Moom, those are the best ones.

I will never be anything more than a rank amateur at photography but cheap, convenient digital photo technology has allowed me to improve and learn.

One Response to “Weird things that happen at The Landfill”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Blurry I don’t like, but digital has allowed me to get some crazy photos that become my favorites later on. At the time, I’m sure I grumbled about people’s strange expressions, but now we laugh about it. Since I was always a terrible photographer(still am), I’m happy to see the pictures right away. I don’t have a single photo of Spain because unbeknownst to me, my film hadn’t connected with the other spool in the camera. I thought I was taking some beautiful shots, but ended up with NOTHING.