Get ready, get set!

outhouseMaybe you know the drill? You are getting close to a wee bit of vacay and all hell breaks loose? I was trying to finagle arranging a 10-day trip to the beach without actually taking eight days of vacation time and, as usual, I was anxious about asking to front-load and/or telecommute (from the beach), even though those situations are *always* okay with both the Queen Bee and the LSCHP. It’s my rule-following work ethic going on here. This time, they are *more* than okay with my plans because we are under the gun with a firmer-than-usual deadline of August 1 and having me work over the weekend will definitely help us meet that deadline. Yay!

So, whew! But now I have to get ready. Plan what to pack. Do I take some of my own towels up so I don’t have to schlep laundry down here at the end of the trip and then back up later. Last year, I took some laundry home when we closed the place on a beautiful, warm weekend in late September and then found myself putting it away on January 2 in 0 degree weather. Wearing YakTrax. Which I almost *fell* in because they are tricky on any kind of surface but snow and ice, especially on ancient linoleum tiles or whatever those things are in the moomincabin. I already take a sleeping bag up there for myself. I’m more comfortable in my sleeping bag in general. And no, we didn’t stay at the cabin that weekend. We had a warm, comfortable room at the Hotel Ojibway in Sault Ste. Siberia.

Food? I am pretty bored with meal-planning. Lizard Breath is more creative (like I once was) and I’ll let her take over when she’s there with us. Kale tacos? Bap? If she wants to. The Commander’s wishes were that no one should have to go up there and work their *sses off, especially when they have limited time to visit and I agree with that. On the other hand, cooking at the cabin can be a lot of fun. And even washing dishes, at least for those of us who are OCD dish processors. Moving the furniture / rugs around to sweep / wash the floor? Not so much…

Anyway, the cabin has been mostly empty so far this summer and that is not a good thing (and not what The Commander wanted), so we are going to fill it (sorta) for 10 days. I will miss my MacMu cuzzints’ annual summer visit this year. They are off on a Bucket List trip to Europe. But the Old Cabin is inhabited and so is Don’s house. People are around and Cap’n *Queen* L will be over to visit and maybe she’ll watch Denver the Guilty Dog facebook videos with me and generally remind us of how young we once were. Good times. And love.

2 Responses to “Get ready, get set!”

  1. Sam Says:

    Your cabin-time…count me jealous…even with the telecommuting. I favor the take clean towels/sheets from home and dirty ones back mode (easier to make an end run around commensal problems).

  2. Margaret Says:

    Laundry is not fun no matter how you plan it. I would probably take up clean because I like starting out that way. 10 days–wow!! I hope it’s relaxing and fun.