B-flat alligators and sewing musheens

sandWhen I got home today the front door was open, the dryer was running, and the Landfill smelled like bread baking. Yes. Do you know how often KW bakes bread? If “almost never” is your answer, ding ding ding, you win.

I have made bread in my life. I actually own one of those fancy bread musheens. It was a [very thoughtful] birthday gift from my family when the beach urchins were middle-school-ish. If I am remembering correctly, I was getting out of the shower at 0-skunk-30 [this was before I started abandoning my kids to walk at that time of the morning] and I heard little voices outside the Blue and Only Bathroom door. Ooooh noooo, I thought. At that time, when a beach urchin was up *that* early, it almost always meant they were sick. The last thing I wanted to do on my birthday was sit with a sick child. But no, they were really excited about the bread musheen and wanted to give it to me right away! 💚

It was a wondrous musheen and it got a lot of use for a while, both by yer fav-o-rite blahgger and the beach urchins. But then… We had the usual too-many-baked-goods problem around here. And I didn’t really have a good place to keep it except on the floor under that old wooden table we had in here and that meant one more thing to moooooove whenever I wanted to clean the chitchen floor. And so on… It has been down in the Dungeon for years. Flinging mood that I am in, I cannot quiiiiite bring myself to take it down to Kiwanis. Anyone want it? I mean anyone within driving distance. I don’t want to ship it somewhere.

So who was baking bread in my chitchen today? Did a burglar break in and decide to bake some bread (and do some laundry) as long as he was here? Of course not. It was a beach urchin. She had been happily multi-tasking in her own little nest across town — running her sewing musheen, cooking soup, waiting for bread to rise and I fergit what else. And then. Dun dun dun. No power. Okay, her moom’s house wasn’t exactly in her plan for today but it worked out.

And now, according to facebook, she is considering obtaining a vintage treadle sewing musheen. (Of course, she also says she considers that only when the power goes out.) No fewer than THREE cFam aunts offered treadle musheens 💚

But why not rescue (and use) an old treadle musheen? We already have three spinning wheels (cFam and others), three looms (The Comm and Our Northern Correspondent), and uncountable sewing musheens of various vintage (The Comm and KW, mostly). I did take The Commander’s serger down to Kiwanis last fall. I kind of wanted to move her big old Singer out of the Moomincabin just make a wee bit more breathing space but the beach urchins (particularly the one who doesn’t sew a whole lot) objected vociferously enough that I relented. I wasn’t gonna get *rid* of it. Heck, I think it was possibly my parents’ first “major” purchase* after they got married during WWII and were stationed somewhere out in the southwest. I learned to sew on that thing and I can still remember it humming when mom sewed when I was small.

I stole the photo from Mouse’s facebook a few weeks back. As my BFF and I have talked about a few times, Mouse has an interesting eye for texture.

*Radical Betty and Duke bought a MOTOR BOTE ENGINE for their first wedding anniversary. Wonder where that thing is. I bet it’s still around somewhere 🐸

2 Responses to “B-flat alligators and sewing musheens”

  1. Sam Says:

    I was going to make an offer to Mouse when I read “she is considering obtaining a vintage treadle sewing musheen” then I read the rest, and will just keep the one I have…maybe upstairs instead of in the (limited) closet area? Pondering will resume momentarily….

  2. Margaret Says:

    I tried to learn to sew(as well as knit and crotchet) and I have NO talent for it. Ashley is my seamstress and has two(?) sewing machines; she also knits and crotchets beautifully. She knows how to can and makes delicious bread. I’m wondering how she got all these talents and then I remember that it takes a village. Her two gmas were instrumental in teaching her those arts.(she learned to crotchet from the internet though!)