Where were we?

fishgraffitiI was struggling to remember where this grafishy was but just about when my brain was sneaking up on “Cut River”, I looked at where Photos put it, which was “Mounds Trl”. That confirmed that it was a Pontoon Bote trip up the Cut River on a beautiful weekend in June with The Lord and Lady of Linden, The Twinz of Terror, and the UU’s son and small grandchildren. On that trip, I was constantly reminding a certain going-on-4-year-old to put his knees down (damn it 🐸). You had to be there.

The GG and his siblings could tell you more about what “Mounds Trl” means because it’s close to the cabin they rented (for years) when they were all young. And sure enough, after we exited the Cut River, we hung a louie and headed over to buzz the old rental. The Lady of Linden told us some of the old stories. She remembers them better because she was the second oldest of the cFam 10. I will not repeat her stories here. They aren’t part of my story except tangentially. I am a cFam outlaw and I love all of those folks 🐸

That is all. I am puzzling over a mystery here. Maybe I’ll blahg about it someday and maybe I won’t. I couldn’t put it into words if I tried and some things are best left unblahgged.

Nine o’clock meeting tomorrow morning. That’s early for a meeting where I work. We don’t normally do meetings before 10 without checking in with all of the invitees. I know. You wanna work with me.

G’night. KW

One Response to “Where were we?”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I do!! Our meetings used to be at 7:10 and then with our later start, it became 7:25. Oh such luxury!! I like mysteries, unless they are real life ones. Hope it’s not a stressful one.