Ma’am! Ma’am! Gjlbsknwvstrxp! Gjlbsknwvstrxp!

watertruckOh, *that* Water Truck!

Yeah, Duncan Street has been torn up for weeks and I am pretty accustomed to navigating it on foot since I walk there every morning. This afternoon after work, I was headed downtown to meet up with the GG at the Oscar Tango and, as I was crossing Duncan, a construction worker started yelling at me. He didn’t sound unfriendly or anything but I could not understand what he was saying because some sort of dozer or whatever was coming up the street making a whole bunch of racket. I yelled back across the street, “What?” and took off my sunglasses so I could hear him better. At that point, he ran across the street (in front of the oncoming dozer) to me and said, “We’re sending a water truck down here in a few minutes. Just watch out for it.”

I thanked him and said, “It’s okay, I’ll be halfway downtown by the time the water truck gets down the street.” Well, what the heck is a “water truck” and why would I need to watch out for it? I hoofed on down the street at my usual clip and then I realized that the Water Truck was indeed coming down the street and it was not wasting any time. A Friday night porch beer kind of character was sitting out there laughing at me taking a pic and saying I was about to get a shower. Not, although I did take a second shower tonight in the Blue and Only.

And then, at the OT, our friendly waitress tipped me off that my tank top was on inside out. Alas, that means it was inside out ALL DAY. Not that anyone at work noticed because I was wearing a little summer-weight knit jacket over it. Well, and because we are all geeks who don’t notice clothing mishaps (although we do notice when we are wearing the same color, go figger). But I do sometimes put clothing on inside out. Inside out bathing suit anyone? Yes. Right down there on the Huron River. Not sure anyone could tell, given that I was down in a kayak cockpit.

Friday night. Home on The Planet Ann Arbor. Spending the weekend in pre-vacay mode, working on the stuff I get paid to do plus all of the chores and pre-packing / organizing activities that precede a 10-day trip to the moomincabin. Tarrrrred. G’night.

One Response to “Ma’am! Ma’am! Gjlbsknwvstrxp! Gjlbsknwvstrxp!”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Inside out, yes, I’ve done that too with a pair of shorts. They were shinier than they were supposed to be. (because it was the lining!) Chores of pre-packing have taken up my week too, now I have to actually START DOING IT. Terrifying.