Sunday morning jungling

All and all, it was a rather grueling day of working from home on a Sunday but I did drag us down to hike the trails by Barton Dam this morning before it got too hot. Although no dragging was required as the conversation went something like this: KW – Wanna walk down by the dam? GG – yes, when?

It is a jungle down there this year.


Fields of flowers taller than yer fav-o-rite blahgger.


Is this the entrance to a bear’s den?


And the river. Despite a warning from another walker, this is the only place where I saw any poison ivy, which was a good thing because the trail was pretty narrow in some places and I am highly sensitive to urushiol oil.


This is the “bear’s den” from the other side. Gratuitous shot of the GG off in the distance. Yes, he is wearing an @_FloridaMan shirt. His [late] brother Don gave it to him (I think) and I tolerate it 🐗


I didn’t get much done around the Landfill this weekend and I have not done as much pre-packing as I wanted to but maybe that’s okay because I am going to pack as lightly as possible anyway. I do have a few things kinda/sorta pre-collected, including one artifact that I may need in order to attempt to solve (and rectify) a certain mystery. The GG made up for my lack of organizing by spending the day rummaging. This was all good. Cleaning out the Frog Hopper, de-cluttering the “office”, re-organizing all of his bags, etc. Even though I knew he was “pushing and pulling” things together and understand his modus operandi after all these years, it felt like rummaging to me and, for whatever reason, rummaging activities always make me feel a wee bit queasy, even when I am engaging in them myself.

Danger Will Robinson! Yikes! What is that smell? Oh, it is a newly empty kimchee jar. Rinse that thing and get it into the dishwasher ASAP, KW! I love Wan Oo and I appreciate the concept of kimchee. But that smell… … …

Missing my beach urchins. Loose plans to get together with Lizard Breath were discussed eons ago (last weekend) but then this whole working all weekend thing came up and she had a work-related event to attend too albeit her event sounds a lot more fun than what I did today. It is what it is and I’m glad that my grown-up urchins have lives of their own, lives in which they seem to *want* to see their baggy old moom more frequently than any of us have time to arrange. Love is all there is.

2 Responses to “Sunday morning jungling”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Kimchee is yummy, but anything with cabbage is odoriferous. I need to clean out my car, pack and do all sorts of preparations. That looks like a beautiful walk. We have finally gotten some cooler weather and torrential rains; however, the temps are going back into the 90s mid-week. I’ll be in 90s+ and 90% humidity in Phuket, so I’ll miss out.

  2. Isa Says:

    Love you moom