Pkg mailed to Fla this AM! 🐸

Pkg for The Mean Old Grumpy Lovely Aunt Susie and Cap’n Ed! Truth told, I have seen Suze get a wee bit grumpy a few times but for reasons I would never argue with. Anyway, that’s a better title than the only one I could come up with five minutes ago or so, which was something like blech! Oh, only because we are heading north for a short but much-needed vacation to the family property in 36 hours or so and I am in that kind of panic-packing mode. Meanwhile, work is going crazy (not the usual thing). It’s okay. I’m packing light and I’ll manage work (I hope 🐗). Still it is hard getting outta Dodge (or lifting off The Planet Ann Arbor, if you will). It’s the little things. Property tax bills to pay and pkgs to mail and gas to put in the Ninja (although I am NOT taking the Ninja up this time). Only one vee-hickle! Yay!

Here are some photos from one year ago today (it was a Sunday), thanks to my cute li’l Timehop app. First, I took my morning beach walk in fog. When I went to upload this photoooo to facebook, the Algolake freighter folks had posted a video. Where were they? A mile or two north of me, sitting drinking coffee on the other side of the Pickle Finger, waiting for the fog to clear out of the St. Mary’s River so they could continue on downbound, through the Soo Locks and the lower lakes and wherever. St. Lawrence Seaway? Maybe, maybe not.


At the end of the evening that same day, this is the view. I dunno what freighter that is. It is not the Algolake. The Algolake was many miles away by then.


Sometime during that day, I had a small grokkery list and since I was WORKING that day (yes it was a Sunday, is there a theme here?), I sent an engineer up to the park store (small but very well supplied). My own personal engineer, that is. (Okay, technically he is a computer programmer of some highly advanced sort. But anyone who can troubleshoot vee-hickles, appliances, plumbing, lucky-shuckial stuff and, oh yeah, ‘puters, is an engineer.) Anyway, this is how you make a grokkery list for an engineer. I *knew* he could manage to get eggs and butter in the right quantity and form factor, therefore those items are not annotated.


By the way, back when I was dealing with CKL (certified kitchen lady), I was tasked to find photos on Houzz of chitchens I liked. I did that but I also snuck in a couple of real-life chitchens that I love, including The Commander’s cabin chitchen. CKL was excited about The Comm’s yellow countertops. Actually, she thought they were chartreuse but she was pretty happy with the idea of yellow too. And here is The Comm making yet another a pie (not from a year ago though…)


One Response to “Pkg mailed to Fla this AM! 🐸”

  1. Margaret Says:

    They do have a greenish tinge, hence chartreuse. I love your list; I had to make the same type for Patt who would always buy the BIGGEST amount, then we had no place to store all of it. I just mailed a package to Senegal, for a mere $88. (priority express)