Waiting in line for bacon at the park store

Up at 5:30 or thereabouts, emptied the dishwasher, cleaned the chitchen sink, packed food, etc., cleaned the Blue and Only Bathroom, watered the gardens, took a walk in the woods while the GG ran through his last-minute stuff. On the road at 7:15.

First stop (besides a quick coffee stop at Micky D’s in Fenton) was Gaylord, where we picked up the Lyme Lounge from the Uncly Uncle’s house.


Every time we stop at the UU’s house aka Chloe Belle’s house, I kind of want to stay there because it’s so beautiful. But. Anyway. After that, there was some kind of weird little connector that would help some kind of brake thing connect to the UU’s vee-hickle to help tow the Lyme Lounge and we spent a good bit of time and some stomach-churning driving maneuvers (pulling a trailer, no less) checking out five (yes) auto parts stores and a U-Haul place. It wasn’t a deal-breaker for the upcoming Twinz of Terror trip to the Keweenaw so I wasn’t sure why we were doing all of these driving gyrations but whatever.


Next stop? St. Ignace. Plan A was to grab lunch at Clyde’s and drop the GG and the Lyme Lounge off at the Straits State Park. Clyde’s. Was. Closed. Yes. Whaaaa? Plan B? We had a Plan B but only because we expected Clyde’s might be too BUSY! Plan B? The Driftwood. A fave place further into town where they have incorporated a bunch of painted wooden fish made by our Planet Ann Arbor farmer’s market friend Victoria. It was a lovely lunch stop but longer than we had planned.


We were in St. Ignace so we stopped at this North Country Trail storefront to visit our friend George PITA and his new rescue doggie (fergit her name, darnit). I was happy to see GPITA but anxious to get going again but, while the GG was jabbering away with GPITA, I spotted MY PHOTO (of jigsaw puzzle fame) displayed. That thing does get around. Love my North Country Trail friends.


I dropped the GG off at a campsite with a version of this view. He was without an automotive vee-hickle at that point but just about anything he might have needed was well within walking distance and eventually, The Uncly Uncle aka Chloe Belle aka The GG’s identical birth partner showed up (I liked it on facebook) and so the Twinz of Terror are camping there tonight and heading to the Keweenaw tomorrow.


Eventually I arrived here at the Moominbeach. It was hotter than Hades here when I arrived so I swung around opening windows and putting screens in the doors. We had pulled three (out of four) fuses when we left after 4th of July and I HATE those fuses (and lucky-shucky in general) but I did manage to SLAM them back into place and so the pump, water heater, and stove are in fine form.


After getting the basics in order, I sat on the beach with Pooh for a bit. She went up to prepare for an early birthday dinner for Harry at Zorba in town. (I was invited and I LOOOOVVE Zorba but I needed to chill and I think that was understood. 💗) After that, I walked the beach, took a quick dip, and then prepped a simple dinner and let it sit while I sat on the bank.

2 Responses to “Waiting in line for bacon at the park store”

  1. Sam Says:

    A simple bacon-based dinner? Walk the beach a few steps for me…I’m there in spirit!

  2. Margaret Says:

    Lots of adventures and a beautiful shot of the beach. I hate dealing with electricity too. Scary stuff!