Atlases and spiders or both

atlasThe top atlas in this pile is one that I pored through at great length as a child. I *think* it even has all of the planets in our solar system in it (including Pluto) but I haven’t double-checked so maybe I am lying about that. Before this big bee-yoo-ty-ful atlas, there was a smaller dictionary-style atlas that I pored through. I wish I could find that one but I haven’t yet. I hope The Comm didn’t get rid of that old book but if she did, it’s okay. I know she was trying to make my life easier and I love her for that.

Anyway, when I excavated these atlases from the Veteran Greenhorns Hamburger Stand Gaaa-rage today (Hi, Green Guy), there was a spider egg sac (I now think) on the back of My Childhood Atlas and a big dead spider next to it. Or I thought it was dead. I picked up the three atlases (heavy load) and started to schlep them to the cabin. The spider came alive. I am NOT afraid of spiders but this was a huuuge spider with a big abdomen and I was thinking something like, “Brown recluse?” It probably wasn’t a brown recluse but at that point, I put all of the atlases on the ground and carried them one at a time to the moomincabin, checking each time for that spider.

The Comm would dispatch spiders by snatching them up with a paper towel. I would have done that but this spider was too big and ugly to be dispatched in that way plus I don’t really like to kill spiders as a general rule. I managed to get all three atlases into the moomincabin from halfway to the outhouse garage. Albeit. One. At. A. Time.

Dear Spider, I love you. I am sorry that I destroyed your eggs. But I think that there might have been a better place to lay eggs than on the back of My Childhood Atlas.

2 Responses to “Atlases and spiders or both”

  1. Sam Says:

    Does your carrying project qualify you as LadyAtlas?

  2. Margaret Says:

    I have no issue killing spiders if they are in my home; that’s MY territory. I never kill them outside because that’s their habitat. 🙂