Can I go online and figure out how to use an implement of too much fun?

I’ll start by ‘splainin’ a bit about the pitcher in yesterday’s [totally lame] post because I never quite got around to it in yesterday’s [totally lame] post. There’s this band called Journey (but you knew that) and they have a song “Don’t Stop Believing” (but you knew that) and I have a facebook [high school] friend who dearly loves Journey and “Don’t Stop Believing” (you *didn’t* know that) and I knew that if I posted that pic on facebook, she would like it (and “like” it) and she did and then she asked me if she could share it (of course!) and the next thing I knew, she had made it her profile pic! 🐸 Hold the phone! Garrison just said “don’t stop believing” on Prairie Home. I guess this is a “thing” this weekend.

I can’t remember the last time anyone washed the windows here. The last time *I* washed the windows was when The Commander was alive and kicking and sitting inside watching me with a critical eye. Her ashes are surely churning at the current state of neglect. At this point, there were billions of pine needles all over the exterior walls and windows and the cobwebs and associated dead insects EVERYWHERE, inside and out. I am a top-notch dish processer and washerwoman but I do not do windows. Nevertheless, I got the step-ladder out of the garage and changed into a short skirt and cobbled together some window washing-type tools and got to work. Is it perfect? No way! Is it an improvement? Yes, I think so.

I was pretty much done with my window washing prodject when I happened to check Marine Traffic on my phone. It looked something like this, except all of the purple things were right in front of the moominbeach.


Lake freighters show up as green so I was puzzled about what all of these purple things were, so I went down to the beach and there were all these sailboats going up and it is August 1st so suddenly I remembered about the Trans Superior race. I texted a few people and some of them came down to watch (it wasn’t really all that exciting) and, at the end of the day, we realized that we never really went back up to the cabin until dinnertime. It wasn’t really all that warm down there for the most part but we managed to cope via polartech and beach towels and, in one person’s case, a nice warm knit hat.

I love smart phones, don’t you?


And beer on the beach.


And blueberries. This is the pint that Mouse picked in the front yard here yesterday. She picked another pint today. She will undoubtedly pick more blueberries here but I expect her to head out to Raco or Betchler Lake later in the week to load up.


Where is the GG? He and the Uncly Uncle are currently over at Van Riper State Park but the photooo below is where they were yesterday or whenever. You need to know that this bar is in the town of Gay, Michigan, and the reason for the stop at the bar is that the UU (in the pic) is married to my beautiful sister-in-law whose name is Gay. I’m assuming no iPhones were destroyed in taking this pic 🐗.


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  1. Margaret Says:

    LOVE the gay bar photo–LOL! I hope you’re not implying that Journey is lame. 😉 By the way, I do love smart phones but I don’t know how to access the iCloud. I want to make sure all my photos are backed up there before I erase them from the actual phone. (using too much of my measly 6 g of storage) Can you help?