A warm, rainy day is good for prodjects on the deck

The rocks down at Our Northern Correspondent’s end of the beach have become unearthed after many years of submergence. (I guess submergence is a word since WP didn’t flag it as a misspelling but not sure if I’ve used it correctly and don’t care 💩)


After a slow, beautiful, rainy morning, I drove the Frog Hopper over to the M28/M123 intersection to pick up the GG and the Lyme Lounge and drop off a couple bags of garbage with the UU to take back to dispose of at his home in Gaylord. THANK YOU BOB!!! There’s a 10-year-old back story to this, which I hope the UU doesn’t remember. At any rate, he gets the Best B-I-L Award today!


Here is the warm, rainy day prodjects on the deck photoooo. I don’t think that Cap’n *Queen* Leila, House Elf in Chief had a particular prodject unless it was to add a wee bit more joy to our already happy family.


I don’t really have any words for the last of today’s photooos. Earlier today we thought we heard something scurrying or flapping or whatever in the chimney. I didn’t know what to do so we waited for me to pick up the GG who can just about fix anything. So he and Mouse took the stovepipe apart and I’m not sure if there was anything flapping/scurrying in there or not. And yes, they re-installed the stovepipe successfully.


Love you all and sending good vibes to those who are driving southward today through severe weather. Safe travels through severe storms.

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