Beach socks and bone clocks

beachsocksFirst of all, yesterday was a difficult weather day here in the Great Lake State although those of us who are here in the eastern yooperland escaped anything that approached severe. We got some rain and a bit of rumbly thunder but all of the severe stuff was south. Severe storms and a few cyclonic events ripped throughout the lower peninsula throughout the day and evening and a couple of camping trailers flipped over on the Mackinac Bridge.

One of my beach urchins drove from here to her home in Detroit yesterday afternoon and evening. She left before 5:00 PM and did not arrive at home until 1:00 AM. That’s three hours longer than that trip usually takes. At one point she called us to say that they were actually making people get *off* the I75 SUV Speedway for a bit. All I can say is that I am glad that she got home safely. Other folks that we know (in the northern lower) sustained property damage. I have lived through a tornado (in my car, no less) and I wish everyone who experienced yesterday’s storms the best.

What did we do here today (besides sit on the bank above the beach in SmartWool socks (because it is not really all that warm) reading Bone Clocks on various devices)? Well, the highlight of the day was probably figuring out *what* is hanging out in the chimney. We have been hearing flapping and cheeping noises in the chimney off and on for days now. Yesterday (as you may have seen), Mouse and the GG took the stovepipe apart to look for critters. Nada. Today, after a loooonnng morning of you-don’t-wanna-know, the GG opened up the chimney again and THERE WAS A BIRD. RIGHT THERE! But then, when he and Mouse looked up and down the chimney (via a mirror and iPhone flashlight), the bird was gone.

We have no clue about why a bird would want to hang out in the Moomincabin chimney but it seems to be able to leave if it wants to, so we’re tentatively cool with it. This experience does kind of make us go hmmmm… … … Is THAT how the two squirrels (over the last six years or so) got into the place and died? This cabin (unlike the Old Cabin (or The Landfill…)) does not have a history of aminal infestation. A “cage” over the chimney may be in order though…

Anyway it was not a particularly warm day but we sat on the beach *anyway*. Love y’all, KW.

One Response to “Beach socks and bone clocks”

  1. Margaret Says:

    That sounds like SCARY weather. I wish birds would stay out of chimneys; why are they so fascinated by them?