Persistent Northwest Wind

We did not need wool socks to sit on the bank above the beach this afternoon but it has not been particularly warm the last couple days. We had things to do in Sault Ste. Siberia anyway. I had a wee little errand at the courthouse. I love the Siberian courthouse. It is a very old but beautifully restored building and you can walk right into it without going through a metal detector or surrendering your iPhone life support system, or any other such nonsense. I found the office I was looking for without difficulty (have been there before, actually) and the friendly folks fixed the problem immediately, complimenting me on how orderly my records were.

Mouse and the GG walked to town on the old railroad grade [mostly]. I used to walk that route with my old coot a gazillion years ago when there was a lot less development surrounding it but that would be a whole ‘nother blahg entry. There is still a lot of beautiful stuff along that route, including beaver ponds, like this one.


And this flower with a cute little moth that was waving its antennae at Mouse.


Mouse took the first two photos, by the way. She took a lot more, all beautiful, but I chose those two to share.

After much maneuvering around down by the International Bridge (is the Border Patrol interested in me and my vee-hickle? (probably not)) I found Mouse and the GG and we had lunch at Karl’s [GG: I am the only male in here]. And *then* we went to the art fair. We did not plan on buying *anything* but we came home with a beautiful purse (gift), a frog-type companion for ‘hicken, and the mo-skee-toe below. (And there may or may not be a bottle of Woodford Reserve from the liqwire store across the street from the art fair but that doesn’t exactly count.)


We probably wouldn’t have stopped at the Locks except that a whole bunch of people shared an article on facebook about de-watering the MacArthur Lock. I can’t say that I haven’t *ever* seen a lock de-watered before but if I have, it was a looooong time ago. We had to stop. See the guy wading down there?


Finally, we hit up the locks visitor center because someone had to use the bathroom. While we were waiting, Mouse and I encountered the topological (is that the right word?) topographical artifact below. That artifact has been around since I was a kid. It actually includes the entire Great Lakes system. This photooo is of Superior only and Mouse is sticking her hand into the deepest depths of Mordor Gitchee Gumee, like every child on earth has probably done (including meeee).


P. S. Mouse has officially passed me in the Bone Clocks book. It’s okay, I love her anyway.

One Response to “Persistent Northwest Wind”

  1. Sam Says:

    Perhaps more topographical than topological, but these science-y issues frequently overlap and often are mysterious, especially when A Real Person Is Quite “Hand”-y with models of them. I won’t comment on the Woodford Reserve except to say that around here it’s a House Favorite….