Chicken and salad and drivin’ Miss Daisy

yardarmAfter some angst, I stayed behind while the GG and Mouse took off to look for blueberries out in the county today. I kinda wanted to go but I also kinda wanted to do a laundry and minor grokkery run. In the end, they took the Frog Hopper and I drove Daisy into town. I did the usual loop. I took the Long Cut on the way in so I could put a few things into the recycle dropoff, then I hit up the laundromat, SuperValu, the gas station, and Glen’s Family Fare.

I got back from my swing around town to swing around the moomincabin putting away laundry and grokkeries and putting up the curtains in the back bedroom (which Cap’n *Queen* Leila helped with). I heated up a leftover chicken thigh for lunch and dumped some leftover salad on the plate with it. CQL was entranced by my cobbled-together lunch. I had another little piece of chicken that and some more salad that I could’ve given CQL but I didn’t want to interfere with her family’s schedule so I didn’t offer. A bit later, CQL reconnected with me (on the beach) to say that she had eaten chicken and salad for lunch. Yay! And Mouse ate our second piece of chicken and that is a good thing.

I spent the entire afternoon sitting up on the bank today. We have had northwest winds forever or so it seems. I wonder if that has anything to do with the fact that a contingent of Shermans will be visiting the beach later in the summer. It always seemed to be cold (sweatshirts and shorts cold) when the Shermans parked their VW bus and pop-up camper here when we were kids. They parked right where the GG once parked the Little Princess and where we now park the Lyme Lounge. It’ll be so much fun to see some Shermans again. I love all of them.

I took two facebook quizzes today that cracked me up. One of them was Which Witch are you. I got Endora. I love Endora and I think this fits me. The other was something like who would be your boyfriend in a past life. I was rooting for Daniel Boone because I had a crush on him when I was a child. I got John The Baptist???? ???? Whaaaaa? I’m not sure that Daniel Boone was even an answer in this quiz. The other thing about this is that, when I was a child, The Commander told me that an old, long-dead ancestor of hers said that we were related to Daniel Boone. I am not sure that’s true and neither was The Comm.

One Response to “Chicken and salad and drivin’ Miss Daisy”

  1. Margaret Says:

    John the Baptist? Well, you do like the water and end up next to it frequently. 😉