Queen for a day

antlionBut wishing I was just regular old KW, swinging around cleaning and cooking and hiking and generally making a nuisance of herself.

Thanks to the silliest accident you could possibly imagine, I have joined the Broken Pinky Club and have been temporarily relegated to the sidelines. The accident? Tripping and falling while running a beach race with a 7-year-old 🐗. The folks at good old War Memorial noticed my red Keens and asked if I had been wearing them during the race. Nope. Bare feet. I think I detected a wee bit of surprise in their faces but really, what else would you wear to run on a sugar sand beach 🐸?

For one little broken pinky, I have a huge cast all the way up to my elbow. It looks pretty awful but I have full use of my arm, thumb, and first two fingers. Third finger is A-okay but unusable because it’s wrapped up with pinky in a splint.

Mouse is doing all of my usual chores and making me sit still. Actually not a bad thing I suppose. I am feeling fine but I can tell my body is busy with healing.

Finished the bone clocks book & need another book to download. Ideas?

Sayonara for now. Typing on an iPhone with my left hand is getting really old 🐗.

P.S. There really is a Broken Pinky Club here. Two relatives in the next cabin have been there, done that.

2 Responses to “Queen for a day”

  1. Sam Says:

    Do we call you Pinky? Or Thumbs? Kinda depends on whether we’re stressing the damaged or the competent digits…. Happy healing!

  2. Margaret Says:

    Ugh-I would hate to type with my left hand. Can you dictate? Mine doesn’t understand me very well, but sometimes it gets most things correct and I just have a few things to fix.