book hangover (and a bit of sappy-ness)

fishwalkAlmost the worst part of having the Silliest Injury On Earth is the long days of sitting around thinking about it and constantly reminding myself things like Don’t Swing Your Arm and evaluating how “okay” I am, etc. I AM okay except for the part where I don’t know what the near future holds for me (except that I sense that this contraption has plenty of potential to get gamy over the next couple days and I am a Clean Freak who likes to smell good 🐗).

I don’t really want to dwell on that stuff tonight. I’m enjoying a beautiful HOT beach day (but annoyed that I can’t swim). But I have trouble sitting still even on a gorgeous day so I was kinda bored today. Yesterday I had my bone clock book. Yesterday I finished my bone clock book. I needed a new book. Even though several people made some great suggestions, I could not bring myself to research them. Why? There are various complicated reasons for this (Mouse leaving this morning for one, miss my Mouse) but one of the big ones is that I bonded with the bone clocks book big-time and I couldn’t quite leave it behind. Is the bone clocks book Great Literature? I dunno. Prob’ly not but it was a book I could get myself totally lost in and I so loved the protagonist that I couldn’t quite let go of her. Do you ever have that problem with books?

The sappiness? The cousin-ness of this place. I was sitting on the beach this morning with one of my Uber Cousins (those born in my birth year but really all my cousins qualify) and her parents when our other Uber Cousin called me. My Dear Uncle Harry had received a phone call on the beach a bit earlier and I was thinking about how I don’t usually get phone calls, especially on the beach. And then I got one (and we traded bone clock stories 💚💕💜). It was so good to hear her voice. And then later, my other Uber Cousin and I sat on the bank and traded bone clock stories. And then we (my Uber Cousin and I) waded in Gitchee Gumee with our 1st cousin twice removed, who washed her hair in the lake like we all used to do and still do sometimes for fun. I was envious. I so wanted to swim today but had to make do with a second tour through the shower, holding my plastic-encased arm well away from the water. Which is easy to do, given that my arm is mobile and I have no pain.

I wrote all of that earlier and then we went over to the other side of Birch Point for a dose of porterization and a beautiful sunset albeit not much different than the one we see from this side of Birch Point. Home tomorrow as the summer begins its downward slide. Love y’all.

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  1. Margaret Says:

    How long does the cast need to stay on? It sounds annoying! Would I like the bone clock books? Who wrote them?