Walking my biffy back home

biffywalkI will not tell my outhouse stories tonight. I believe I have told them [more than] a few times before. We never quite had a biffy that you could take for a walk and if we *had* had one, we wouldn’t’ve had to walk it in front of a whole bunch of touristas on the Soo Locks overlook platform. And yes, there are folks in the fam who call an outhouse a biffy.

If you are one of ;my 9 regulear n.uclear taggers, you know that we are draggi;ng; our. lheels about re-doing the Blue and Only Batlhroom. ./ We dragged on about;. tlhe Chlitchlen for more years than I am strong enough to’ remember . I hope/ we don’t go’ on.; that long with thle Blur and Only. Thle; latest i;dea (and ;;it ;is not mine) is to build a /utility bathroom ;i;n lthle; Dpungeon. kIt; wou;ld be a perm/an.ent facility but also tem;porary whikle so we can. (yo;u kn;w) while we redo the Blu;e and Only. I’m not all that crazy about tlhe idea but I lcould potan.tialloy .warm up/ t’o it. I: stioll/ wa.Ëœt to ;get rid o’f the chlimney b;ut not sure /thlat’ll. happe.n.

G’n;ight! You mioght guess that KW [laborio;;slly] wrote the .first paragraphl. She is so lame toni;ght that; .I took kover after thlat. Am I a good blahgger or what? /Better/ than KW,k roight?

Love ly’all, Kw’/s Ca.s.t

4 Responses to “Walking my biffy back home”

  1. l4827 Says:

    Gork. Gork. Gork
    Nimigoned today. Blueberries. White caps.

  2. Margaret Says:

    Froggy? As someone who has redone 3 bathrooms, you probably do need a working terlet at least. I’ve been thankful for my three, which were often down to 2 and sometimes to 1.

  3. Paulette Attie Says:

    Do we need a photo of KW’s new cast, Froggy?

  4. Pooh Says:

    We had a DIY utility bathroom in the basement. Now we only have the utility shower, because even I know it’s not code to have the mini-sink drain into the shower by a length of hose! Also, the toilet was not vented or some such. When we had the pipes replaced upstairs, the plumbers said they could only leave the shower. It did help to have the shower, when I repainted the real bathroom. The toilet and sink were covered by garbage bags which were only taped on one edge.
    You could probably stay with my folks, while the renovation was done.