Out of the woodwork


Plum Market this afternoon: I turned around after grabbing a cart just as a young man was returning one. I told him that I should have taken *his* cart. He didn’t reply in words. Instead, he lifted up a big cast in solidarity and asked me what was broken. I could see that his hand was free so I figured his injury was [arguably] worse than mine. Well, he got hit by a car. I told him about the silliest accident on earth aka the one that led to my injury. Because he didn’t say the words “car accident”, I have been left wondering if he had been walking or cycling when he was hit. Wish I had asked. And then I threw my backpack on (cast arm first, there is an order to dressing/undressing activities) and risked further injury as a pedestrian crossing the Dexter-Maple intersection.

Cubeland yesterday: I am walking down the aisle as a young man approaches from another direction. He sees my arm at about the same time as I see that he has an interesting device on his knee. His story? Actually his knee is not broken. He was hiking and his kneecap became dislocated. I asked if that meant that his kneecap slid to the side. Yes. I am familiar with phenomenon because I grew up with a family whose kneecaps had a tendency to dislocate like that. Some great aunt or whoever was rumored to have become so accustomed to kneecap dislocation that she would just reach down and put her kneecap back in place. This young man, not so much. There were great crunching noises when his kneecap dislocated and he endured a bumpy gurney ride out of the woods and his first ambulance ride ever about which he complained that he didn’t even get a sucker. (This is where I hear The Commander’s voice saying, “It’s a LOLLIPOP, NOT a SUCKER! We don’t use that word!”)

And then there are all the “when I broke my [insert bone here]” folks. Including M and Rocks, who both said something like, “I broke my [insert bone here] while playing with [insert small child here].”

I love all of these folks. They make me feel a lot less alone.

That is all. I am fine and getting back to more of my regular activities (driving on freeway today, instead of the slow route) but work is where I have to make the most sustained effort at accommodations and we are slammed this week and so I am taaaaaared at the end of the day. G’night.

3 Responses to “Out of the woodwork”

  1. isa Says:

    Remember how I broke my arm playing TAG of all things?! I’ve never even liked tag! And to this day I have trouble on any potentially slippery downward slope, i.e. the type of gravelly trail you often find *anywhere* along the West Coast o___o

  2. Margaret Says:

    My friend broke her hip and that’s been a huge hassle. It has made me not want to break ANY bones at all. No matter where the break is, it requires lots of accommodations. 🙁 Glad that you are managing and adjusting.

  3. Pooh Says:

    >Isa. Dan broke his wrist playing tag — on the monkey bars!