I had a title but my $%#@ cast deleted it

ducksWe could use a good thunderstorm here but I think all we’re gonna get is rain. But I’ll take it. We haven’t had a lot of hot steamy weather this summer so I can’t really complain about this stuff and anyway it is 78 degrees right now so not really all that hot although I was sweaty enough after walking home from the Oscar Tango that I put a garbage bag over my cast and took my second shower of the day. And here comes that rain 💜.

My cast brought a new friend out of the woodwork today at work. I told Don this was the first bone I had ever broken. He said he had broken so many bones he couldn’t even remember how many. How do people go through life breaking bones all the time? How do people go as many years as I have withOUT breaking one?

I won’t complain about how swampy this whole apparatus feels today and how tired I was of trying to type with all of this gauze and wrapping dragging over the keyboard and touch pad all day. Backspace backspace backspace, re-type. Ctrl-Z about a billion times to restore something that got accidentally deleted. I guarantee I will be infinitely more sick of it by the end of Monday afternoon. Hopefully the bone doc will put something different on, or at least new and clean. Right now it kind of feels like my hand is wearing a damn diaper.

So, how about those duckies there? They just sat there as I tiptoed close enough to get their pitcher. I think these are teenage ducklings but they made me think of the afternoon The Beautiful Gay and I were sitting around by the Hoton Lake dock and a mooma duck herded her tiny baby ducklings up on the seawall for a little nap. We were calm and quiet and they snoozed next to us until the GG came galumphing down with a gas can or whatever.

Psst. Hee hee, the GG walked all the way over to Certified Kitchen Bathroom Lady’s showroom this morning. Why? New bathroom(s)? Stay tuned…

4 Responses to “I had a title but my $%#@ cast deleted it”

  1. l4827 Says:

    OT, eh? Spent the day sauntering through Soo Locks. Very informative gentlemen at the info desk. OTed at Lakeview restaurant.

  2. Margaret Says:

    Gah, I would hate that! When Alison broke her hand at gymnastics, she had to wear a cast and it got nasty, awkward and uncomfortable. It was a nasty break, a spiral fracture so we/she were supposed to be very careful, which didn’t prevent her from going up on beam at practice and doing her dance moves, WITH A CAST. I pretended I didn’t know what was happening because it was just too stressful.

  3. Sam Says:

    Waiting to hear more on the subject introduced in the green finale…. Psst: As they develop, of course….

  4. gr8gerty Says:

    I like your bloggie, you are fun to follow, I miss you too. I look forward to seeing you again sometime.