Talking to myself

produceTap tap tap. Tap tap tap. Ahem. Is this thing on?

A couple of people have suggested that I try to dictate words and sentences and paragraphs to my computer so here goes. I tested this out on an email message to BFF earlier today and it worked pretty well so I will try it on my blog blahg and let this nefarious splint/cast contraption thingy just sit for a while. I will have some editing to do but my left hand can handle that with ease. Now if I just had something interesting to say we’d be all set 🐗.

See all that lovely produce on the counter there? I got most of that at the farmer’s market this morning and yes I did walk down there. Having a broken pinky does not affect your legs. I processed a lot of that produce today, even cutting some of it up, slowly and carefully, mind you, with a big sharp kitchen knife and lots of leverage from my left hand. I did most of my Saturday chores on my own today. I did ask for help taking the shower curtains down and putting them back up again and putting clean sheets on the bed. I could have done those things but I felt like it would be too slow for me to do them safely and not stress my pinky, even though it is immobilized. Of course Rooooomba does most of the vacuuming. The Grumpy Growler does the rest but he does that anyway. It’s yer fav-o-rite blahgger who hates to vacuum.

Alas, I don’t think that dictation is available to me at my job. If it was I don’t think it would be very helpful, especially if I were writing HTML. If I wanted to write a paragraph tag, saying something like “left angle bracket p right angle bracket” would result in “left angle bracket p right angle bracket” and not “<p>”. So I am waiting for this episode to be finished. Back when I was having babies I would always look ahead, thinking something like, “When Thanksgiving comes around, the baby will be born.” I am doing that kind of thing with my pinky now. I hope I don’t have to wait for Thanksgiving for the worst of this to be over.

Don’t take my words too seriously tonight. I am writing about mostly nothing both because I have nothing much to say that’s new but also because I am kicking geeking out with dictating words into my computer. Honestly, trying to give you my innermost thoughts on this blog tonight would be very difficult without a lot more practice. You’re welcome. The GG heard me say “innermost thoughts” and he received crap said, “Yuck!” Frankly he is right and I hope you are having as much fun as I am right now.

So, Wan Oo excused me from cooking today. I didn’t quite excuse myself. I did a lot of the prep and some precooking of veggies. The GG is now grilling fish and corn. Good night, kayak woman.

2 Responses to “Talking to myself”

  1. Sam Says:

    Coping can be such a pain, but it is too often a possibility in This Fine World.

  2. Margaret Says:

    I love the dictate function on my emails and texts, but have never tried it to write a post. I might have to do that some time, although I’m sure I would have LOTS to correct. (or it would read like news of the weird!)