Winder Salesmen

It wasn’t that Luke kind of knock, so I knew it was a solicitor. Usually I make the Grumpy Growler answer the door when he’s home but he was taking a well-deserved nap and I thought something like, “Oh what the heck”, and I answered the door.

Solicitor: I’m doing work for your neighbors and are you ever going to get around to replacing that window?

KW: [oh, jeebus] No, I like that window.

Solicitor: What is the appeal? I don’t see the appeal. [Maybe you don’t see the appeal either.]


KW: You haven’t seen it from the inside. [Making no indication that he was welcome to enter the house.]


What do I like about that window? That it has nine panes each with its own ledge. That there is that big shelf down there at the bottom. That I can sit on the Green Couch watching all the dogs go by forever and see everything out that window. That I can stand on that big old shelf and crane my neck and look up and down the street to see what’s going on. Is it drafty? I don’t know? Maybe? Do I care? Not really. I’m not all that crazy about airtight houses.

When all of the crap that I have been hoarding all these years eventually collapses on me and kills me and the beach urchins have to deal with the aftermath, I suppose they will be kvetching around about resale value and wondering why the old bag never replaced that crappy old 60s vintage front window. Or, you never know, maybe whoever eventually lands in this house will like it too.

Not that I’m planning on going anywhere anytime soon.

P.S. The Commander’s house is up for sale again. I sold it two years ago. I am not sad. It isn’t the house that I grew up in although I have many good memories taking my children there. Life goes on.

2 Responses to “Winder Salesmen”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I like the window too; it has much more character than the more modern windows. Oh, I so wish that you could have seen my date’s condo on Sunday–such a plethora of retro goodies. It’s a shame that he intends to remodel it!

  2. isa Says:

    Nope keep those windows!