Man do I hate when the Landfill refrigerator vapor locks…

gps…and I do not have two fully functional hands to open it and nobody else is home (not that I would ask for help if they were) and I slam my damn broken pinky into the door.

We won’t talk about my pinky any more tonight except that it is really okay. The GG thinks I should talk about my feet. Toe Jam anyone? He says that I have a remarkable lack of that. It’s true and that might be because I have been thoroughly cleaning and drying between my toes since I was a teenager or before. Dry between your toes. That’s what my doctor uncle used to say about athletes foot or whatever it was. We won’t talk about how soft and leathery my feet have become since I have started to use “product” on them. TMI? I think so too.

Do you know where you are? What does your GPS tell you? Remembering back in the late 1990s when we had old-school GPS units. I think this one is a bit newer since I found it in a bunch of photos from 2007. Nowadays we use our phones for GPS more often than not. Even on the North Country Trail up in the Yooperland.

Sorry that I don’t have more to say tonight. You’re welcome. Thanks to the GG for doing the dishes tonight. I normally like to do them myself but I’ll be lazy for once. I’m still dictating into my laptop and that’s hard work and the next couple of days are very busy. Chop chop good night 🐸💜 y’all.

2 Responses to “Man do I hate when the Landfill refrigerator vapor locks…”

  1. Margaret Says:

    So frustrating to be helpless! I feel that way a lot because I’m on my own and some things one person just can’t do. I’m starting to use my GPS more and more, although the phone stopped talking to me on Sunday; it was that angry. It wanted me to get off I-5 way south, probably to avoid traffic. It routed me off on nearly every Seattle exit, but I refused until Mercer(goes to the Seattle Center/Space Needle). It was the most direct route, in spite of the awful traffic; it would have been worse to deal with all those one way streets in downtown. The phone did NOT agree!! 😉

  2. isa Says:

    You are using “product” on your feet? What??