Eating aphids in Azkaban

ride2Day 2. Looking forward to Day 13. Hope? Another person who once endured a hand injury requiring more invasive surgery than mine is performing on one of the many instruments she plays this weekend. At Day 2, I am still taking it VERY easy. Day 13, with good luck I’ll get to start working Titanium Pinky a bit.

Progress? Appetite? Marginally less wonky today but still light and unpredictable. Breakfast? A repeat of a dish Liz made last night: toasted bread from Zingerman’s with goat cheese and grilled veggies. It’s a keeper! I ate two of those little toasties and a couple strips of fancy bacon Liz got from the Plum butcher. Lunch? A few squares of fancy chocolate, also acquired by Liz, after a Frog Hopper drive through beautiful western Washtenaw County and a couple of mini hikes. A wee bit of whine tonight. No pain pills for well over 24 hours and only took a couple of precautionary ones in any event after numerous warnings from various nurses about waking up screaming in pain. Uh, pretty hard to do that when you aren’t sleeping… Because you are worried that your forearm is going to separate from your body and fall out of bed… Still, fingers crossed. More about pain tolerance in some future post. Or maybe not.

Where the heck was I? Came back from wandering western Washtenaw and loaded up Harry Potter #3, which took up the doldrums of the afternoon pretty well. More Twin Peaks tonight.

One of things I humbled myself to ask Lizard Breath to do for me before she left today was to cut the ends off the brussel sprouts from the farmers market yesterday. Of course she found bugs. “Moom, there are aphids on these.” Some discussion and mitigational activities ensued. At some point I asked to see one of the aphids. I could see it but it was so teensy tinesy that I came to the conclusion that we probably eat aphids every time we eat brussel sprouts and we will probably eat them tonight. Bon appetit!

2 Responses to “Eating aphids in Azkaban”

  1. Margaret Says:

    I wouldn’t be able to eat them if I knew the aphids might be there, and I LOVE Brussels sprouts! It sounds like you’re making progress; it’s never fast enough!

  2. isa Says:

    Haha. You only saw one aphid, but they were many!