Titanium Pinky rules

Lemme see…

I did not take my walk this morning. Actually I let the GG get up first.

I asked him to make me a pot of coffee. Alas, we are out of coffee. Okay, will you go over to Zingerman’s @PlumMarket and buy me a cup? [You have to be at work at 7? (Who knew?) googly googly. It opens at 6. Please?]

Out of the shower as the GG is saying goodbye. Are you going to get me coffee? Already did. Plus a breakfast pastry of some sort 🐸 [Back already? Was I in the shower thaaaat long?]

I seemingly took a quantum leap forward overnight. A small quantum leap and one that I am very cautiously optimistic about but I’ll take what I can get. Titanium Pinky barely made her presence known at all today and the hand she’s attached to felt stronger overall. Still being very careful not to stress the system.

In keeping with not stressing the system, I telecommuted today. I knew that spending the entire day at Cubeland would stress me overall and therefore stress my hand and therefore Titanium Pinky. Cabin Fever set in at about 2PM.

Quit work at 5 and took a walk. Much needed.

Yeek. Almost did the unthinkable thing of falling in the bathtub while washing my feet after my walk this afternoon. No, I did not lose my balance. I grabbed the side of the tub with my good left hand and it was wet and my hand slipped. I caught myself right quick. Without using Titanium Pinky and her hand. Grab bars in the new Only-Somewhat-Blue-and-Only Bathroom? Maybe so but those wouldn’t necessarily have saved me in this narrowly avoided weird accident. Kids, do not worry. It was the kind of slo-mo situation where I would’ve landed on my you-know-what. ‘course, I could’ve injured my goddamn good hand. ENOUGH, KW!

If things continue on an upward trajectory (fingers crossed — those that can move, that is), I will walk at least a half walk tomorrow morning, then head over to Cubeland, at least for the morning. I will telecommute for the afternoon if Titanium Pinky tells me to chill.

One Response to “Titanium Pinky rules”

  1. Margaret Says:

    You are at the mercy of that pinky, so don’t forget it! You have to treat it gently and take care of the rest of your body too. Shower accidents scare me. I’ve come close also.