Don’t be afraid to care

jackoFirst of all, I posted this picture on Instagram this morning and my sharp little cookie figured out that her moom was walking. Yes I was. I’ve *been* walking, except for Saturday when I was a legitimate basket case. This was the first morning that I did my full 3 mile 0-skunk-30 neighborhood prowl. And then I went to Cubeland for a whole day of work there. I am tired. That is all…

…about that (you know what) anyway. Let’s change the subject! The folks who apparently chalked this early jack-o’-lantern onto the sidewalk do one of the best Halloween displays I have ever seen. Except that I don’t usually see it because when I walk by there at 0-skunk-30, it’s dark out. Heck, it is dark out for most of my walk now, at the end of August. All I will tell you about the display is that it involves a lot of plastic rats. A few skeletons appear when we get really close to Halloween. I dictated that last sentence in a really spoooooky voice! Tooooooo bad yoooooooou couldn’t heeeeeeear meeeeeee 👻.

I will be watching this house more closely this year as we ramp up to Halloween. Y’all know that once Halloween is done it’s only a hop, skip, and a jump until Thanksgiving and then Christmas. Another year in the hopper. Run, rabbit run. [youtube link].

One Response to “Don’t be afraid to care”

  1. Margaret Says:

    Yay for progress and back to “normalish.” The leaves on our trees are turning red already. It doesn’t seem like it should be happening already.