Sign on the dotted line

signatureMoom, what are those yellow streaks on your arm? Looks at arm. Duh… Blech! Oh, it’s okay. The yellow streaks are on the under part of my forearm between the top of my cast and my elbow. This yellow is the same color as my fingers were when I got out of surgery last Friday. Iodine or some kind of antibiotic or whatever. My fingers have not been yellow for days now but I didn’t think to look at the back of my arm. Here’s the deal. I can wash probably 95% of my body adequately with my left hand and the help of a crappy back scrubbing thingy, when it doesn’t decide to fall apart. I am pretty darn clean, but. I will say that every time somebody takes one of these unwieldy contraptions off of me, I make sure they give me a chance to wash my hand and arm. I tried to scrub those yellow streaks off tonight but they seriously dude ride out now are seriously dried out now and they did not go away. [I dictated that last bit with clenched teeth even though the dude thing cracked me up.]

I walked downtown tonight to take my Mouse out to dinner at the Jolly Pumpkin and signed on the dotted line to pay for dinner, as you can see. Honestly, I think my left-handed signature is more legible than my normal right-handed one. This is the second time today that someone had to sign on the dotted line. I did not do it the first time, which was in CKL’s office, where we signed a contract to renovate the Blue and Only Bathroom. We are scheduled to pick out materials the day after Labor Day. Colors I am thinking of are white, turquoise and/or aqua, black, and maybe some teak. That’s as far as I have gotten with this project. Projected start date is November 25. They will be able to install a toilet for us every night during the project but not a shower, so I will have to deal with a bag shower in the dungeon. That’s okay. I became an expert with one of those back when we had to pump water by hand at the moldy old Courtois cabin in the winter. C’mon it’ll be fun. Oh yeah, we’re gonna get rid of the chimney! Yay!

P. S. Thanks to our friends of Porterization for the hilarious get well card! 💜

6 Responses to “Sign on the dotted line”

  1. Marquis Says:

    I don’t think posting your signature is a good idea.

  2. Sam Says:

    Love the colors.

  3. Pooh Says:

    The yellow on your arm is probably Betadine (sp?). I was amazed at how wide spread it was on my hand and arm when I had my pinky surgery. It does eventually get scrubbed off.

  4. l4827 Says:


  5. Margaret Says:

    I’m excited to see the progress of your bathroom and approve of the colors! Please don’t be like me and take a before photo, then lose track of it. 🙁 I did that for 2 of my 3 bathroom remodels and am very angry at myself.

  6. Margaret Says:

    Oh, and no more chimney–YAY!! 🙂